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    1 matches comment view details for free font #3965 Dear Mr(s). Fordyce: My name is Vanessa Robinson, I saw your Font on Abstract Fonts and decided that this would be the fonts to use as a sign/banner for my Business. I am a small children apparel company with the name "Tavy Wavy Kidz" I begin drawing but decided to search some free fonts. I don't want to get sued and would like to use this font just as is in my companys' name. With your permission, May I please do so? I have read the notepad along with the fontand just e-mailing to let you know that I like it but please tell me if I wanted to Trade Mark and register it as my companies name would their be any penalties?
    1 matches comment @ivan, final word is mine, but i want to make sure you get to talk as well... i like kk's suggestion and renamed grunge to "Grunge/Trash". however, i think that Eroded would fit more with Grunge/Trash instead of Distorted as Distorted simply means the letters are jumping or their original shape is altered to add wavy effect or something.

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