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    1 matches comment :-) *wave*
    1 matches comment Wow, it's handy to know how to wave the digital wand :-D
    1 matches comment Oh, thank you. Yes, it is unbelievable how many treasures are hidden here. Maybe we should convince Alex to categorize the fonts more specific ... *wave*
    1 matches comment Ah, you are talking abot the violet one? Good choice! But I suggested the small one in turqoise at the top … *wave*
    1 matches comment Naw, not really. At monday my holiday is over, sadly. And I'm looking here sometimes (when i have time for myself), if I can be of any help. Right now my kids are at mother-in-laws-house and my wife is sleeping. And I think *yawn* I'm following now. But: It is nice to be recognized. :-D *wave* Have a nice day, Alex.
    1 matches comment And a good morning to you. Yes, right. I'm ashamed, but I had a lot to do at work and additionally with the organizing for the baptism-ceremony and everything else for my son. But, phew, it happened this saturday. Nice sunny weather, good food, excellent wine and it seems that everyone was happy. And so I am. *wave*
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    1 matches comment I absolutely share his feelings. This is an awesome place to live with most people being open and accepting people. It is very culturally diverse here so that could be the main reason for it. I have been to the US, but seeing thick bulletproof windows separating cashiers from the customers with a sliding box to place your money in, at a fast food restaurant made me miss Canada, big time. And Canada has universal health care which is very important since i have never had it any other way. After watching Sicko, it made me sicko... I cannot imagine having to contemplate which body part to give up because taking out a huge loan will only pay for one of them. Insane. It is only colder here in the winter time, at the moment it is 22C, but few days ago we had a heat wave of 34-36... And with the global warming, cooler might be better in the long run and there is plenty space in Canada which is probably the least densely populated country in the world. I havent seen other great countries like Sweden and Switzerland and others, but i am obviously happy with Canada.
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