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    1 matches comment I was finally able to pull the Black Cherry Moon off my old cracked CorelDraw CD so that problem is fixed, and it is good to have that font back again. However, does anyone know of a close free equivalent to the Water Brush font designed by Rob Leuschke at TypeSETit?
    2 matches comment No I don't know how to create text why do I have to do that? Well i tried to drop the font i selected into my font folder but it still came up as document. No luck
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11510 Horror font with a water reflection. Made by Nú-Dës
    3 matches comment I just purchased CornDog font and it is blurry, jagged. I contacted the creator and he said that he created it on Mac and doesn't know how to solve my problem. I am not super computer skilled, on Windows 2000 and just simply wanting to drop the Font onto images. We are using it as our Logo name font for website and maybe some printed material later down the road. This is what he said it is: CFF (PostScript) OpenType font Can anyone help? Any image editing program, that is free that we can download that will make the font sharp and clean? Thanks in advance!
    1 matches comment Rob Leuschke Waterbrush http://www.abstractfonts.com/search/?q=water+brush
    1 matches comment view details for free font #14849 DROP DEAD
    1 matches comment Nice to meet you Ollie ... if ever you are in the neighborhood ... drop by
    1 matches comment oh I love it! THANK YOU! I guess I'll buy it! If you happen to see smth similar elsewhere-please drop me a line.
    1 matches comment I believe you are looking at Blambots BadaBoom - with a drop shadow http://www.blambot.com/fonts.shtml
    1 matches comment uploaded image Not sure if the case is the same, but if they're under one FAMILY of fonts, eg, Myriad, it's quite possibly that the other weights are separated into the other drop-down:

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    World Of Water
    Water Brush ROB
    Drop Bold
    Drop Light
    Drop Medium
    Drop Regular
    Drop Semilight
    Dragon Drop
    Drop Cap One
    Pressure Drop 2D
    Drop Case Complete Family Pack
    LTC Water Garden Ornaments A
    LTC Water Garden Ornaments B
    LTC Water Garden Ornaments C
    LTC Water Garden Ornaments D
    LTC Water Garden Ornaments E
    LTC Water Garden Ornaments F
    LTC Water Garden Ornaments G
    LTC Water Garden Ornaments H
    LTC Water Garden Ornaments I
    LTC Water Garden Ornaments J
    LTC Water Garden Ornaments K
    LTC Water Garden A
    LTC Water Garden D
    Flowery Drop Caps
    Snowflake Drop Caps
    Combat Dingbats Water
    Drop Cap One
    Stan's Water From Timaeus Regular
    World Of Water Regular
    Flowery Drop Caps
    Snowflake Drop Caps
    Geometric Drop 01
    Kryptonite Drop Capitals
    Geometric Drop 01
    Balloon Drop Shadow D
    Boller Drop Caps
    Bravo ND Cn Drop Caps
    Bravo ND Drop Caps
    Classical Drop Caps
    Kryptonite Drop Caps
    Modicum Drop Caps
    Mulsanne Drop Shadow
    Putney Drop Shadow
    Revenue Drop Shadow
    Saloon Drop Shadow
    Sparrow Drop Shadow
    Linotype Zootype™ Water
    Dragon Drop Regular
    Keepsake Drop
    LTC Water Garden Complete Family Pack
    Balloon EF Drop Shadow
    Hunter Drop Shadow
    Putney Drop Shadow
    Hemmings Drop Shadow
    Keepsake Drop Shadow
    Saloon Drop Shadow
    Revenue Drop Shadow
    Conference Call BH Drop One
    Conference Call BH Drop Two
    Classical Drop Caps Regular
    Boller Engraved Drop Caps
    Bravo ND XCn Drop Caps
    Classical Engraved Drop Caps
    Kryptonite Bizarro Drop Caps
    Matica Supernormal Oblique Drop
    EF Balloon Drop Shadow
    Mulsanne Drop Shadow
    Matica Supernormal Oblique Drop
    Wade Vernacular Drop Shadow
    URW Balloon Balloon Drop Shadow (D)
    Ray's Cafe Drop Shadow
    Count Floyd Drop Caps
    Extreme Junction Drop Caps
    Rays Cafe Drop Shadow
    Boink™ Drop Shadow
    Pressure Drop 2D Regular
    WaterWorksCaps Bold
    WaterWorksCaps Plain
    Drop_it Break
    Drop_it Dingbats
    Drop_it Fall
    Drop_it Italic
    Drop_it Normal
    Drop_it Slow
    Drop_it Speed
    Drop_it Swing
    Ann's Deco Glyphs Droplets
    Ann's DecoGlyphs Complete Family Pack
    Anymals Regular
    Splashdown Regular
    Maritime BT Pi
    CCDrop Case Open-Italic
    CCDrop Case Open-Regular
    CCDrop Case Solid-Italic
    CCDrop Case Solid-Regular
    Kopa Regular
    Amanzi Regular
    Teselka Regular
    Fishhook Bold

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