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    2 matches comment Hello beautiful people, Just wondering if anyone could help me identify the two fonts -"Hawaii" and "Hang Loose" - used on the Cap in the image attached. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance, jfknt
    7 matches comment I know I've seen this font with the elongated "Q", but it escapes me right now. Thanks, Mr.3
    1 matches comment Hi, just found it: Hawaii Lover http://www.dafont.com/hawaii-lover.font Bye bye
    5 matches comment ? NO one can name this font, and NO NO NO it isn't - Engravers Old English.....can anyone help?
    1 matches comment Limousines is the University Bold [condensed].
    1 matches comment University.
    1 matches comment The lowercase letters are from University Roman. Don't know about the H ...
    1 matches comment Looks like University Roman
    1 matches comment University Roman BT Mod edit: University is a commercial font so I had to delete the link BigGameHunter gave.
    1 matches comment Hello I hope someone could help me out. I am a university student - naturally im poor :P I need to print a few pages but the font I need is not available in the university & they wont allow me to install it. Does anyone know how to install a font without such previlages. I have tried copying it to the fonts folder but it says access denied. The font I am wanting to use is EurasiaExtended. Thanks !!!!

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