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    3 matches comment view details for free font #11945 The troll is no more ...
    5 matches comment ? Does this appear as any particular typeface to anyone out there? Thanks.
    1 matches comment @valentiles Do not feed the troll.
    3 matches comment i know i know this one, it's killing me that i can't remember. any guesses?
    2 matches comment uploaded image Hello, I really need to find this font... "PhilliniD font face" I am a Keller Williams Agent and it is the font used in th eKeller Williams logo. DOes anyone have it... PLEASE... I have attached a picture of the K W in that font I hope it helps...
    1 matches comment Hi! I know that you have some Viking fonts on this webstie like Troll, Viking-Normal, Valhalla, and other Futhark fonts. But I was wondering if you had any other Viking Fonts. Celtic Fonts would be good too! I have downloaded all of them though in the Celtic section. Thanks so much!
    2 matches comment Segio, is this an open face?
    1 matches comment That would be the Fat Face URW T Normal.
    1 matches comment Here are the 5 matches I got: Newhouse DT Medium http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/dtptypes/newhouse-dt/medium/ AG Old Face Regular http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/berthold/ag-old-face-be/regular/ AG Old Face BQ-Regular http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/berthold/ag-old-face-bq/regular/ P22 St GSchrift Pro http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/ihof/p22-st-g-schrift/pro/ P22 St G Schrift Two http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/ihof/p22-st-g-schrift/two/ They're all pretty close, but some of them are better matches to certain letters than others (i.e. j, g, and d).
    1 matches comment hi guys I have a problem with my text viewed by CambriaMath.eot font which is looking ugly when zooming (especially when zoom>500%) or when font size is too large on ie8 and ie7. I am using font-face css property. Is there a way to smooth my text? this is my sample web page I got the same result in both win7/xp. I've tested the font.ttf ,using font-face, on Firefox and it looks good and smoothed.

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    Troll Bait
    LDJ Christmas Troll
    Troll Bait Regular
    Face Face EF Outline
    Face Face EF Solid
    My Face
    EF Face Face Outline
    EF Face Face Solid
    About Face Regular
    About Face Thin
    AG Old Face Bold
    AG Old Face BQ Bold
    AG Old Face BQ Medium
    AG Old Face BQ Outline
    AG Old Face BQ Regular
    AG Old Face BQ Shaded
    AG Old Face Medium
    AG Old Face Outline
    AG Old Face Regular
    AG Old Face Shaded
    Baskerv Old Face SB-Reg
    Baskerv Old Face SH-Reg
    Baskerville Old Face D
    Baskerville Old Face DC D
    Baskerville Old Face SC D
    Caslon Old Face
    Crater Face BB
    Face Your Fears
    Horse Face
    Muse Face
    AG Old Face Bold Outline
    AG Old Face BQ Bold Outline
    AG Old Face Pro Bold
    AG Old Face Pro Medium
    AG Old Face Pro Outline
    AG Old Face Pro Regular
    AG Old Face Pro Shaded
    Baskerville Old Face Rounded
    Bodoni Old Face BE Bold
    Bodoni Old Face BE Italic
    Bodoni Old Face BE Medium
    Bodoni Old Face BE Regular
    Bodoni Old Face BQ Bold
    Bodoni Old Face BQ Italic
    Bodoni Old Face BQ Medium
    Bodoni Old Face BQ Regular
    Caslon Old Face Heavy
    Caslon Old Face Italic
    Crater Face Condensed BB
    Crater Face Shrapnel BB
    Face Your Fears Condensed
    Face Your Fears Italic
    Horse Face Black
    Horse Face Bold
    Horse Face Italic
    Face Front-Intl Complete Family Pack
    Baskerville Old Face EF Regular
    AG Old Face BQ
    Face Front Complete Family Pack
    Caslon Open Face
    Cloister Open Face
    Cloister Open Face
    Engravers Bold Face
    AG Old Face Pro Bold Outline
    Bodoni Old Face BE Bold Italic
    Bodoni Old Face BE Medium Italic
    Bodoni Old Face BQ Bold Italic
    Bodoni Old Face BQ Medium Italic
    Fat Face No20-Regular
    Horse Face Black Italic
    Horse Face Bold Italic
    Baskerville Old Face KTKM Display
    Bodoni Old Face Pro Bold
    Bodoni Old Face Pro Italic
    Bodoni Old Face Pro Medium
    Bodoni Old Face Pro Regular
    Fat Face URW T Normal
    Bodoni Old Face Pro Bold Italic
    Bodoni Old Face Pro Medium Italic
    Berthold Bodoni Old Face BQ
    Cubage Face
    Dimentia Face
    Regula Old Face
    Tenebra Old Face
    TPG Face Font Right
    AG Old Face BE
    Cloister Open Face Regular
    My Face Regular
    TPG Face Font Left
    URW Fat Face Normal
    Corona Bold Face No. 2
    Regula Old Face Italic
    Volitiva Open Face N1
    Volitiva Open Face N2
    Volitiva Open Face N3
    Volitiva Open Face N4
    AG Old Face BE Volume
    AG Old Face BQ Volume
    TPG Face Font Complete Family
    Baskerville Regular Old Face

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