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    2 matches comment I'm looking for the font seen in this picture. I'm pretty sure I've used it before, but after going through my fonts I cannot seem to find it. Thanks ahead! peter
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #14326 Trem da Alegria (Happiness Train) was a children musical band (in the RCA label) in Brazil. It was created in 1984, lasted until 1992, and throughout their career, they released eight albums that sold altogether six million copies.[citation needed] The band started in 1984 with Luciano Nassyn and Patricia Marx, recording the album Clube da Criança with Xuxa and Carequinha. The duo's boom came with the album Carossel da Esperança and the hit single "É de Chocolate". In 1985, Juninho Bill joined the band, and Trem da Alegria recorded its first album with special participation including Lucinha Lins ("Dona Felicidade") and The Fevers ("Uni, Duni, Te"). In 1986, Vanessa Delduque joined the band. In 1988, Luciano, Vanessa, Juninho Bill and Amanda for Brazil Sucess of children musical band. Luciano and Vanessa to Say Good Bye for Happiness Train. In 1989, Amanda Acosta and Rubinho Cabrera joined the band, In 1991, Rick Bueno joined the band. In 1992, Happiness Train is Final Presentations in Brazilians Radios and Televisions Broadcasting.
    1 matches comment There seems to be no font Eurostar but a channel crossing train between France and Great Britain. Have you got a sample of this font? Ute
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11980 Keywords: LCD, Display, airport, train station, digital, computer. K-Type Freebie 2002, 2004 - www.k-type.com
    1 matches comment [img:76ff1b98b2]http://profit-train.com/sample.gif[/img:76ff1b98b2] Looks like a gothic font, but that 'e' is nowhere to find. Can anyone help?
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #938 I think that the Soul Train logo is a tight logo.
    1 matches comment I am going to paris in december and i need to get from the main Paris Nord train station to one of 2 metro stations in Paris near the eiffell tower (so that i can find my hotel) how do i dinf out in advance how to get from the main station to a metro etc and what lines to go on.
    1 matches comment I strongly support Swallow on the Learning Curves. Children will later write more fluent and will in the end develop their own personal handwriting if they start with this type of letters. The nice thing about Learning curves is that there is an accompanying font to train the letter shapes, the Learning Curve Dashed. Very nice. You can print your own words and your daughter will learn the shapes easily by connecting the dots. Highly recommended.
    1 matches comment uploaded image i dont know what you mean about running and walking. I mean I understand there's a ton about creating typefaces that I dont know, but i'm not trying to be elite by any means. I started making fonts so I'd have a font for a project i was working on. Now I'm getting into it but really going into it blind. I havent decided if i care what you guys here think. And I wouldnt even be thinking about it, or even on this forum if my Pee Pants font hadnt been downloaded 6000 times a day for 2 weeks on dafont. I didnt choose this, the font downloading community chose it for me. So, I guess I'm here, not running, but on the font train at 80mph. I dont know what i'm even talking about.
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