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    10 matches comment Hi Guys... Don't find it for myself. Anybody knows (S1 evo) which Font this is? Thanks
    1 matches comment view details for free font #3032 car tire thread, imprint
    5 matches comment I'm looking for a free race car number font. Sort of like the #18 on Bobby Labontes race car or the #29 on Kevin Harvicks car. Any ideals where I can find one? Any help would much appreciated! [img:f745b4c8f5]http://store.nascar.com/graphics/product_images/p930243reg.jpg[/img:f745b4c8f5] [img:f745b4c8f5]http://www.nascar.com/multimedia/photo_gallery/2003/05/13/bobby_labonte/car_c_atl_18blabonte_tnt.jpg[/img:f745b4c8f5]
    1 matches comment I need to find the font for the 88 car numbers. My brother is making his derbby car look like Dale Earnhardt's car.
    5 matches comment I'm new to the world of fonts, and can't find a website that has this font for sale. Can someone help? Thanks!
    1 matches comment ? Purchasing a car is always a difficult and tiresome task which requires analyzing a wide range of cars and brands. Opting for a perfect car model and reliable car dealer is a technical task. A Car is a major investment that one makes and thus people are excited and eager to buy themselves a new car. However, some of the car dealers are more about making money than actually taking care of their customers. The services offered by these car dealers are pathetic and not at all up to the mark, moreover during the selling process, they assure you with enormous promises and treat you with the utmost care but once you pay them money, their words and promises fade out of their memories. People who bought their new or second hand Volvo from Deel Volvo have same story. If you are someone who is in need of car service and looking forward to get your car serviced at Deel Volvo, then take time and search for a different service company. People, who have handed them their car keys, would get charged for everything under the stars even if you have not availed the marked services. Their car service department is very rude and dishonest to their customers, and thus, it will be preferable for you to take your car someplace else, for servicing. Not only do they charge a lot, they don’t provide with marked services. At Deel Volvo, car servicing officials do not take care of the car in an efficient manner; they are careless about servicing the tires and their rotation and alignment. One of their clients took their car for yearly service at Deel Volvo, but they realized that repairmen at Deel Volvo were not rotating or aligning their tires, not doing so did result in bending of axel the car owner was thankful as they took their car for necessary inspections else could have faced a life threatening accident. It is always advisable to everyone to never approach Deel Volvo; their rates are comparatively higher and not worthwhile.
    5 matches comment I'd say, buying fonts is fun. I've recently bought a good set of fonts I needed – not really, I'm just a fontaholic and desperate for that retro feeling so I try to sell that kind of atmosphere to my clients – from a foundry which I shall not name in honour to the Italian law against free advertising. Not just downloaded them all in a second but even received a cd for every set with a LOVELY design on each cover, based on the theme, the very atmosphere in which the designer(s) found the inspiration to draw them. Just great. Still, if you're an amateur or a freelance in his/her early years of work it can be frustrating to look at the shiny windows of the fontshops and stick to the free fonts - although some of them are really great. See, I'm a graphic designer and I worked ten years in daily newspapers and publishing houses. Since 2005 I work on my own, caring my clients and looking for new ones. I've recently bought a new, large house in the countryside – I should move there by early December – and haven't got so much money at the moment. I definitely stare, drooling, at the great, great set – oh, fuck the Italian law, we Italians are all outlaws, aren't we? – named «Luxury» from House Industries and – good Lord – I have to wait because 250$ is approximately the price for a cheap wardrobe (closet for the yankees, says my dictionary) I truly need. As I have to wait to buy a car larger than the one I own to drive me along the 60 kilometres that will hide me and my dogs from the large mass of people I'm fleeing from and nontheless I still work with. And none of us would steal a car, right?
    2 matches comment ? 1974 Pontiac Laurentian car emblem on font fender above the crome stripe I need the font for this
    1 matches comment The top one is one of the Eight Track variations. But the one you are looking for (the generic) is not in the Abstractfonts collection. You may have more luck at Dafont. If all fails I can send you a copy.
    1 matches comment I can't seem to find a font similar to the number 45 on this car? Any ideas? Cheers

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    Tire Shop
    AF Track One
    AF Track Two
    Motorcross Track
    Motorcross Pro Track
    Baileys Car
    Turing Car NF
    Bailey's Car Baileys Car
    Turing Car NF Bold
    Bulltoad Car
    Bulltoad Car
    Kabel® Black
    Kabel® Heavy
    Kabel® Light
    Nasalization 3D
    Kabel® Book
    Hybrea Light
    Hybrea Ultralight
    Sommet Black
    Sommet Bold
    Sommet Family
    Sommet Italic
    Sommet Light
    Sommet Regular
    Sommet Thin
    Sommet Heavy
    PP Equaliser Black
    PP Equaliser Bold
    PP Equaliser Regular
    PP Equaliser Stencil
    PP Equaliser Volume
    ITC Kabel® Bold
    ITC Kabel® Demi
    ITC Kabel® Medium
    ITC Kabel® Ultra
    Futura® Condensed Value Pack
    Racetrack Two
    Langston Regular
    Langston ScOsf
    Nasalization Condensed
    Nasalization Extended
    Nasalization Galaxy
    Nasalization Italic
    Nasalization Outline
    Nasalization Regular
    Linotype Truckz™ Regular
    ITC Kabel® Book
    Militia Regular
    Nasalization Bold
    Nasalization Heavy
    Nasalization Ink
    Nasalization Light
    Nasalization Video
    Blippo Black
    Edgar No.9 Regular
    Edgar No.9 ScOsf
    Merc Regular
    Militia Sans
    Sommet Black Italic
    Sommet Bold Italic
    Sommet Light Italic
    Sommet Rounded Thin
    Sommet Thin Italic
    PP Equaliser Stencil Black
    PP Equaliser Stencil Bold
    PP Equaliser Stencil Volume
    Sommet Heavy Italic
    Sommet Rounded Heavy
    Typodermic Time Pack
    Scan Regular
    Typodermic Laser Pack
    Racetrack Regular
    Autobats Regular
    Interceptor Regular
    Haymer™ Black
    Haymer™ Bold
    Haymer™ Condensed
    Haymer™ Inline
    Haymer™ Light
    Haymer™ Regular
    Interceptor Italic
    Nasalization Condensed Bold
    Nasalization Condensed Light
    Nasalization Extended Bold
    Nasalization Extended Italic
    Nasalization Extended Light
    Aquarius Bold
    Aquarius Light
    Aquarius Medium
    Hybrea Complete Family Pack
    Kabel Complete Family Pack
    Corzinair SC Bold
    Corzinair SC Regular
    Interceptor Nitro
    Gaz Ultralight
    Haymer Family
    Nasalization Bold Italic
    Nasalization Light Italic
    Fontella Regular
    Futura Complete Family Pack

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