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    1 matches comment [size=18:b4c9c0f176] Hello, I use Arabic language in program that encode its text in Western Euroean ... So can i change a font in from Arabic to Western European to convence the program to work. You have to know that Arabic has complicated letters and it's right-to-left. Thank you.[/size:b4c9c0f176]
    3 matches comment Hey there, a complete newbie in typography [me] is looking for a nifty font that can be used for English, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Japanese. I've asked Google, but nothing came out, so I decided to turn to the pros. Thanks a lot
    1 matches comment I think this is enough. I can trace spam and take action. I can delete spam. I can trace the same person posting under different names (does not happen often). I can remove a direct link to commercial fonts or edit an email adress to prevent spamming. To me that's what matters.
    3 matches comment Still looks great and it must have taken a long time to trace. You did the background, right? Thanks, Paul
    6 matches comment Andrew, you know I am a fan of your fonts, they do look really good & are very detailed. But you should optimize your fonts. Some computers crash with just one intersecting contour in a font. You can and should edit the points when making fonts. your designs are good, you have a lot of style so I hope this doesn't sound like I am being rude, but it's not that difficult to trace a glyph into a font program that looks cool, but has 900+ points and intersecting contours... Not only will validating your fonts make them smaller files, they will make your fonts look better too, by ensuring the points are in the exact positions they should be in. Whenever possible remove redundant points, correct intersections. If you do this you will see that you could possibly remove entire contours from a glyph with incorrect direction, or that overlap, or that intersect. This will reduce the file size dramatically! And though you may not have encountered this problem yet, believe me, these flaws in a font do crash computers and will, and a font that crashes a computer... well, it's not a good thing. I didn't always fix these things either, but now I always make sure my fonts are free of errors. I made it a point to thoroughly understand my software & all that it as well as the fonts I create with it, are capable of. Anywho, your fonts are really good, but without optimizing them I am sure that some who wanted to use them were unable to.
    3 matches comment view details for free font #3882 This is great! I hope to use it in my classroom. I have one problem however, the lower case l cannot be written together because they look like one letter instead of two. (i.e. the word Hello looks like Helo.
    1 matches comment hi' Missing winsoftpro medium arabic font in my computer . please help
    1 matches comment Would also be handy if I could quoye you. Saves a lot copy / paste. "what would that change for you if you get to see the name of the very first person in the thread?" The difference between me and many other forum users is that I [and a few others] tend to answer questions instead of asking. So, true, for most users knowing who started a thread is pretty irrelevant. For me it is not. Knowing the original posters name tells me whether this visitor has reacted to a reply, I can trace what sort of questions this visitor has posted before. I can trace their reactions on answers. I can trace whether they keep asking for commercial fonts after it has been explained that this is not done, or have understood the rules of the game to keep this forum up and alive and protected against gray suits. And more. These sort of things determine how I respond - or not at all ... Have fun and ... be nice to the cats [img]http://garaje.ya.com/koeiekat/images/koeiekat_ani2.gif[/img] Relax. It is just a font.
    2 matches comment i'm looking for a font that could be used to evoke the image of india. Caliph could work but it's a bit arabic rather than hindi.
    1 matches comment Couldn't find anything online. Thanks

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    Fat Trace-Outline
    Fat Trace-Solid
    Palatino® Arabic Regular
    Lotus® Arabic Bold
    Lotus® Arabic Light
    Simplified Arabic family
    Neue Helvetica® Arabic Bold
    Neue Helvetica® Arabic Light
    Neue Helvetica® Arabic Roman
    Arabic Transparent family
    Neue Helvetica® Arabic Complete Family Pack
    Faux Arabic Regular
    PF Din Text Arabic Bold
    PF Din Text Arabic Hairline
    PF Din Text Arabic Light
    PF Din Text Arabic Medium
    PF Din Text Arabic Regular
    PF Din Text Arabic Thin
    PF Din Text Arabic XBlack
    PF Din Text Arabic XThin
    Frutiger® Arabic 45 Light
    Frutiger® Arabic 55 Roman
    Frutiger® Arabic 57 Condensed
    Frutiger® Arabic 65 Bold
    Frutiger® Arabic 75 Black
    Univers® Next Arabic 630 Bold
    Univers® Next Arabic 330 Light
    Univers® Next Arabic 430 Regular
    Lotus Complete Family Pack
    Frutiger® Arabic 47 Condensed Light
    Frutiger® Arabic 67 Condensed Bold
    Frutiger® Arabic 77 Condensed Black
    FF Amman Arabic Complete Suite
    FF Amman Sans Arabic Black
    FF Amman Sans Arabic Light
    FF Amman Sans Arabic Medium
    FF Amman Sans Arabic Regular
    FF Amman Serif Arabic Bold
    FF Amman Serif Arabic Medium
    FF Amman Sans Arabic 1 Volume
    FF Amman Sans Arabic 2 Volume
    FF Amman Sans Arabic Collection
    FF Amman Serif Arabic 1 Volume
    FF Amman Serif Arabic 2 Volume
    FF Amman Serif Arabic Collection
    FF Amman Serif Arabic Regular
    Frutiger Arabic Complete Family Value Pack
    Frutiger Arabic Condensed Volume
    BBC Arabic Bold
    Al Harf Al Jadid™ One
    Al Harf Al Jadid™ Two
    Amer® Regular
    Mariam® Bold
    Hassan® Light
    Arabic Transparent Regular
    Simplified Arabic Regular
    Hassan® Bold
    Nazanin® Bold
    Nazanin® Light
    FF Amman Sans Arabic Bold
    FF Amman Sans Arabic Thin
    Arabic Typesetting Regular
    Yakout® Bold
    Yakout® Light
    FF Amman Sans Arabic Black Italic
    FF Amman Sans Arabic Bold Italic
    FF Amman Sans Arabic Extra Bold
    FF Amman Sans Arabic Light Italic
    FF Amman Sans Arabic Medium Italic
    FF Amman Sans Arabic Regular Italic
    FF Amman Sans Arabic Thin Italic
    FF Amman Serif Arabic Bold Italic
    FF Amman Serif Arabic Extra Bold
    FF Amman Serif Arabic Medium Italic
    Qadi® Bold
    Ahmed Outline
    FF Amman Serif Arabic Regular Italic
    Badr® Bold
    Badr® Light
    Hisham® Regular
    Arabic Transparent Bold
    Simplified Arabic Bold
    Maged® Bold
    Maged® Regular
    Badiya™ Regular
    Ahmed Regular
    Simplified Arabic Fixed Regular
    Karim® Regular
    Jalal® Bold
    Jalal® Light
    Kufi™ Outline
    Kufi™ Regular
    FF Amman Sans Arabic Extra Bold Italic
    FF Amman Serif Arabic Extra Bold Italic
    Mofid Mahdi® Regular
    Arian™ Bold
    Arian™ Demi
    Arian™ Heavy
    Arian™ Light
    Arian™ Regular

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