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    1 matches comment Yea, thats a good idea... i was planning on it. I am off to study for my finals at the university right now, but i will get to the boards creation tonight... late tonight thanks Paul for the detailed post
    3 matches comment pls help.
    2 matches comment Hi guys! Anyone have Lucida Casual? I bought a font package online tonight, but dont think I can wait on this one. I would appreciate it! Thanks Smiley
    1 matches comment Perfect =) Now I can sleep good tonight ;)
    1 matches comment There's a font - Commercial Pi : All the symbols in black and in outline versions. If you can't find him in the web: when I'm back at home tonight, I can help you. Ute
    1 matches comment Finally found the Cathedral font I mentioned! It doesn't give a designer name but I am pretty sure it's freeware. I'll submit it to the site tonight.
    1 matches comment The smaller font is Andes, and the bigger font.. I SWORE I had it on my computer, but now I can't find it. I've seen it at dafont.com though. I'll look for it tonight :)
    1 matches comment ! Can anyone tell me the name of the font at the top of this site? The one that says "Golden Bamboo Palace". It looks familiar, but I can't think of it and I need to know what it is tonight... http://www.goldenbamboopalace.com/
    1 matches comment uploaded image WHAT FONT IS THIS IN THE YELLOW???? it looks like impact....but...I NEED TO KNOW SOMETIME TONIGHT!!!! D=
    1 matches comment According to the Webster encyclopedic dictionary there is no such thing as a latch hook. But with your explanation - thanks - thanks - thanks (also in the name of the King of Swallowland) I understand that it is probably crochet, one of the Queen's finer arts. Indeed, never tried that which is sort of weird considering that I have 10 of these needles builld-in plus 4 up front to keep everything in place. I think I'll try these on a pillow tonight.
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