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    9 matches comment Im stuck trying to find a font to use with my logo any suggestions??? The company is a fire and security company and im not sure what would look nice. At the miniute im just using tahoma (a bit plain and boring)! My site were you can see the logo is at http://www.cfs-fire.co.uk Thanks all
    4 matches comment uploaded image Hi, Want to rework on the current font used in our logo. The idea is to project the organisation as a global company which is Innovative, offering High-end R&D products/services with Exceptional domain expertise who are Committed, Competent, Customer Focused and Quality driven. At the same time, we are young at heart and vibrant. We are a small Biotech company doing lot of high end R&D work. We provide software solutions to answer the challenges associated with Biotechnology and pharma industry for helping them solve problems associated with drug discovery. To know more about us you can log on to www.strandls.com. Your inputs would be really helpful. Thanks Saurabh
    3 matches comment Hi, I'm starting a small company and working on a logo. I found some great fonts here and just want to be sure that I won't get in trouble somewhere down the line. Some descriptions say free for personal and commercial use but some don't. Are all the fonts available for me to use as a company logo, and if not, how can I tell for sure which are okay for me to use. Thanks! lamirona
    2 matches comment Hello, i am MD of this company and we are aware there is no suitable fonts in the market. We also tried to develop may new ones but did not suit our idea. On behalf of my company i can provide many free-fonts. But we need help to satisfy our need as well. is there anybody to help me and my company please. I don't give description here being aware of duplication. Please contact meat everestbiodisel.com.
    4 matches comment Oh yes, now I see: http://www.abstractfonts.com/forum/thread/31938 So not urbanfonts nor inb0x nor their employees were the rotten apples, but some other company. Shame on them ...
    2 matches comment One option: Buy the company and once you own it tell the communications people that you need a copy of the font. Be prepared for a negative answer: sorry does not exist, there is only the logotype ... Still no font but hopefully you will own a profitable company. If not ... relax, it is just a font ...
    4 matches comment Hi i just started working at a new compant and they have this logo: http://www.afstudeerprojecten.nl/logo_afezo.jpg but the firm that made there logo doesn't excist any more and we are trying find this font to make a website and new briefpapers, can someone help me? thx already
    2 matches comment Looking for information on the "Heist And Company" font located at the bottom of the design. Thanks in advance
    3 matches comment hi fontmaniac I know it looks like handwriting, but if you have seen the film it is replicated on a whole house made out of glass, internally and external walls. I don't think the artist would have hand engraved every pane - he may have a very sore hand! Besides it is too precise for that. It is based on an old script font to make the whole theme look more ancient, as the legend of the film is based many centuries ago. I have also seen the font elsewhere but I do not know what it is called. You can see examples of it all over the thirteen ghosts site, and if you are brave enough watch the film.. It is the only good thing about it! Some sections of the main site have text written in this font. Clearly it has been made into a font by the design company who were working for the film. We do not know who this design company is however, and am not sitting through the terrible film again in order to find out! ;o) thanks anyway. Anyone ID's this font I will buy them a virtual pint ;o)
    2 matches comment Hi guys, My company has ITC and EF families of Avant Garde Gothic fonts. But they do not contain the Alternate fonts. I am wondering if anyone has the add-on or ligatures and could send it to me? My company doesn't want to buy anymore Avant Gardes anymore because they feel that it is not needed. But i love that font and wish to collect it. Defintely not going to be using it for any commercial projects. Cheers.

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    The Groovy Company external .

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    Chankbats Critters
    Chankbats Flakes
    Yearling Regular
    Chankbats Flowers
    Crustier Er
    Yearling Bold
    Yearling Lite
    Badoni Regular
    Chauncy Deluxxe
    Chauncy Fatty
    Orbital Regular
    Buckethead Regular
    Lambrettista Regular
    Luncheonette Regular
    Gomorrah Regular
    Goshen Regular
    Atrax Regular
    Nicotine Bold
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    Yearling Bold Italic
    Yearling Lite Italic
    Ammonia Regular
    Cookie Crumbs
    Cookie Dough
    GFY Kimberly Regular
    GFY Woodward Regular
    Bonehead Regular
    Braingelt Premium
    Braingelt Standard
    Brainhead Regular
    Chub Regular
    Cocaine Regular
    Corndog Clean
    Corndog Regular
    Cosmic Regular
    Couchlover Regular
    Crusti Regular
    Crusti Wacky
    Crustiest Est
    Eatwell Chubby
    Eatwell Skinny
    Eatwell Tall
    Fornicator Regular
    Gobbler Regular
    Jawbox Chanky
    Jawbox Regular
    Jawbreaker Regular
    Laundrette Regular
    Lavaman Regular
    Mantisboy Regular
    Mingler Nipsy
    Mingler Ritzy
    Mingler Snowy
    Mingler Tipsy
    Moonshine Regular
    Murkshine Regular
    Nicotine Jazz
    Nicotine Regular
    Orbus Regular
    Parkway Hotel
    Parkway Motel
    Parkway Resortotel
    Porkshop Regular
    Ribjoint Regular
    Swingdancer Regular
    Thymesans Regular
    Woodrow Regular
    Yellabelly Regular
    GFY Thornesmith Regular
    Doodles Regular
    GFY Brutus Regular
    GFY Jeanna Regular
    GFY Josie Regular
    GFY Kersti Regular
    GFY Loopy Regular
    GFY Mancini Regular
    GFY Marcie Regular
    GFY Michael Regular
    GFY Palmer Regular
    GFY Peggy Regular

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