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    2 matches comment view details for free font #11238 cow spots
    1 matches comment US ARMY
    1 matches comment ? Does anyone know which fonts are used for the individual US Armed Forces logos are?.. Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force & Coast Guard Any help would be very much appreciated!
    1 matches comment view details for free font #7573 military, army, usaf, choppers, planes, aircraft, helicopter, interceptor, mig, boeing, falcon, carrier
    1 matches comment I know is like a gothic font, but I haven´t been able to recognize in any website, somebody can help me out?
    1 matches comment Kat Adobe had Photoshop before 1988 out... I remember and still have a receipt for one I purchased in 1987. I think you will find that is way before Photo Styler was out on the market. When Adobe bought Aldus - the problems came about because of Freehand vs Illlustrator. Aldus didn't really own Freehand - and the folks that did - did not want Adobe to bury it and promote only illustrator. It was designed by the same folks who brought us Fontographer!!! Corel Draw on the other hand was a program developed for IBM and IBM compatibles - and sorry to tell you this - for play - not for professionals. Adobe spent most of its time in research and developement of the MAC - using many funds from the US government. If you really want to turn back the clock - you have to look back at the early 1980s and LISA from Apple. The Army was aware that the personnel of the Army were not of the greatest minds and averaged out at a 5th grade education. Our government asked for help - a computer that was simple to use -- and that my dear little kitty kat was the start of Postscript... I'm nice enough to cats - time for you to be a sweetie to dogs... especially Bichons and Shih tzus.
    1 matches comment Does anyone know of a source, freeware or pay, for the logos for the branches of the us military--Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force, etc?
    1 matches comment Gunship for PERMS. US ARMY could be Antique Olive.
    1 matches comment Try starting with this page: http://www.abstractfonts.com/fonts/static_Stencil_1.html and scroll down to #5 Army Condensed Regular.[/b:4e6ed10d9c] Looks closest to what you have in mind.
    1 matches comment I think it's Army from here http://www.dafont.com/en/theme.php?cat=114&page=1&nb_ppp_old=40&texte=your+text&nb_ppp=10&Envoyer=%A0OK%A0 but there was Photoshop at work too. :) Ute

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