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    1 matches comment The Full Moon family was designed in 2001 by Mary Trafton and digitized by Charles Gibbons. This is what Ulrich Stiehl (sanskritweb.net) tells us: quote The "Bitstream Typeface Library" of "Type Odyssey 2" comprises the fonts supplied with CorelDraw. In addition, [Bitstream's] "Type Odyssey 2" CD contains the "Bitstream New Font Collections" of the years 2000-2002, mostly consisting of experimental "rubbish fonts". Extract from the blurb: "Over 1,450 Fonts from International Designers and Foundries. Celebrating over 20 years of technical excellence, Bitstream charts new territory with Type Odyssey 2, a completely unlocked CD with over 1,450 fonts from international designers and foundries. Bitstream has added new designs from 36 contributors, including 22 new typeface designers. This world-class compilation includes the Bitstream Typeface Library the Bitstream New Font Collection, and the very latest designs from respected foundries and designers worldwide. Fonts on this CD are available in PostScript and TrueType formats for Windows." At present (Nov. 2004), "Type Odyssey 2" retails at $ 1,495.00, whereas "CorelDraw 9 Graphics Suite" retails at $ 29.90. Therefore whoever buys "Type Odyssey 2", ought to have his head examined. unquote And, you know what? Ulrich is known for knowing what he talks about.
    1 matches comment This is your forum, this is your show. There is no point arguing if a moderator action is right or wrong. You call the shots as far as what's going on here. However, the thread might be outdated but the topic is not. I occassionally get private messages from here looking for this font so I decided to do this to get myself out of this mess. I was hoping that indirectly linking to a site through a lesser known search engine might do the trick. This is what I got for bragging. :( If I only know how to create fonts, I will make my own fonts of all football jersey fonts. I love them and I am not engaged in any business directly or indirectly related to football. I also do not use these fonts for anything commercial, purely personal. I am no longer replying to private or public messages regarding the MLS font. Considering that directly or indirectly linking to a site where i know the font is found is not acceptable here, I suggest that anyone looking for this font should go to your favorite search engine and look for the "MLS uniform font". I also suggest that you use a meta search engine to rid yourself of unrelated search results (spam?) that abound in the results major search engines show you. Go to a meta search engine like www.search.com, www.metacrawler.com, www.webcrawler.com, www.ixquick.com, www.dogpile.com and hundreds of other meta search out there but it is the top (unpaid) result at search.com :) BTW football jersey counterfeiters exist in South America, Europe and in every territory where the game is popular. China and South East Asia do not have a monopoly. Would you believe that football jersey counterfeiters exist even in Spain? And with this, I take my leave.
    1 matches comment uploaded image Okay I am not qualified to be telling anyone how to design a typeface or make a digital one, but I am capable in glyph editing so I made the image above to demonstrate. But before I want to get to that, I have to address your question, "what are the best options to optimize a font like these?" If you are only going from 1.8mb to 1.4mb after editing, then you fixed nothing. I am going to be blunt because trust me, you'd rather me put it to you this way than get schooled by the type pros and geniuses around these parts man, well I think so at least! So here goes: The only options you really have are: A. Do the painstaking manual editing of the entire font and those thousands of points that need to be corrected and removed. Beyond tedious yes, but if you want to make that font and would like to solve these problems, then that's what it will take. and B. Start over. Begin a new font, and try different settings for tracing and try different formats and different sizes until the resulting outline has the detail you want, while not consisting too many points. They don't have to be perfect, because your software is designed for editing fonts. You can fix the errors after tracing your outlines. I am being totally honest here, I downloaded St. Andrew to see what all the fuss is about, and mon Dieu! My computer has never EVER ever behaved the way it did when I tried to open your font! I am serious! Ever! It lurched and chugged like never before! *Almost* crashed. And I looked at the file size, wowzers. Champagne & Limousines contains eight complete fonts, each with 379 glyphs, almost 400 glyphs in each so thats about 3,000 charachters in all right? (I hate math I could be way off there) But anyways its a lot of glyphs. Together unzipped they are only 400kb. It is a simple style considerably, but honestly, what you have made with these recent fonts are so elaborate I actually completely see where neogray was coming from. These are much too large and intricate, you should offer them in a different format than fonts. It's not impossible to make an elaborate font that is suitable. A really decorative font is going to take up a considerable more amount of space than non-decorative ones. That's okay. They are for decoration. Their larger file size goes with the territory. But a behemoth is impractical. My grunge font Frail&Bedazzled that I used in the example above, is 227kb (bordering on too large I'd say) but it also contains all basic punctuation, numerals and several accent characters , 175 characters in all, so considering it's a grunge-gazillion-contours-font, 227kb is really not so bad. I did use it in this example, because this was one of my first fonts I ever made,my first ever grunge font, and I had much to learn still as it contains many errors. I am not even sure if I joined the contours of composites, or if I made them simple glyphs again. I did update it not too long ago but only to a minor change, but anyways, as usual I digress. Frail&Bedazzled is a font that though it's not flawed to the same level as St. Andrew, but I'm not happy about it. Because it is full of errors and problems. For what? I am not trying to bamboozle people. I want to make nice fonts for their computies because I heart letters. :) Nowadays, I would not ever put a font out there that is so flawed. I did not know that those red stray dots outside my curves were that bad of a thing. Or that intersecting contours and redundant points were either. But there is no other way. I have do have a lofty air about the little truetype fonts I make in FontCreator. For those who love type and fonts, who are more than happy with what a non-hinted truetype font has to offer. I shamelessly and happily assist them. That said, I want to be proud of my little fonties, I "optimize" them as much as FontCreator allows. I know I am not a real type designer (only in my head) but I certainly go about my business in fonting as if I am. So, besides A. editing, and B. scrapping starting over, theres C. continue making fonts like this, because some people and their computers can tolerate them. But I wouldn't recommend that you do so I am not kissing *** here either, if you sucked I tell you to stay home and go make a social media icon or something. A lot of people do suck at making fonts. I did for a while and I still am the worst kerner on the planet I think. but you are a very talented designer. Everything you make is extremely popular, your brushes everything. If you were to make truly amazing fonts, and by that I mean fonts that are free of these errors, are reasonably sized and otherwise thoroughly inspected and tested prior to making their debut, well you'd be a shot-caller then, :P And the pic shows a bunch of glyphs that interesct overlap or are necessary. They could all be selected and deleted. Your font is much much more complex....but I don't think it's impossible to edit them thought it will take a bit of time. Well. I need to get off my high horse now and get back to using fontcreator and my blogspot lol. :::shakes fist at lunarpages::: ('nother story.) Good luck man and everyone here on the forum, ~Cheerio from the Font Gimp. I mean Nymph. Ciao.
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