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    tendance-1 the haunting-2 the madness-3 tooney toons-7 4th andinches-24 thin1 and thing 2-26 that one thing-26 4th and inches-29 tin tang-37 twenty inch-52

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    1 matches comment view details for free font #14096 Mmmmm yeah maybe. People seem to like it though so who knows... I have ideas on how to improve it further. such as minimizing the extremity of the round overshoots on lowercase letters, as Ivan rightly observed cause an unevenness to the fonts overall appearance... and i'd like to replace te capital M & N with that of "Caviar Dreams" (the corners on them are "flat' as champagne's meet at a point and another tendency of mine is to have such points also meet at an exaggerated overshoot of baselines or cap-hieghts.... see 'N' of lt oksana!) and touch up kerning of course... and extend left and right { and [ symbols to the depth of lowercase descenders.... you know just to name a few. I guess if I do all those things i might as well just consider it a new font w/a new name. he he. and as usual I wrote a novel here, because I am a geek :)
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