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    8 matches comment view details for free font #14821 As requested by Derekmcc, saved from extinction. Created May 1996, unknown author.
    4 matches comment I'm looking for a font that I have been told is Teacher's Pet, but search results show something completely different to what I've got. Either it is a custom font or has changed names since. Whatthefont gives Skyler, Super Grotesk and Sign as matches, but none of them are close enough.
    3 matches comment behave? behave for what? :?: utes[/b:17b9f680ea]: i try using scriptina but it's so much different than linotype zapfino..my teacher gonna kill me if use any font other than that ^^; sigh.. dominatrix[/b:17b9f680ea]: thx alot!! i'll pm you! :D
    2 matches comment Uwe was pretty close with his suggestions, this font is named Teacher, created may 1996 by 'unknown'. As it seems to be (close to) extinct, no Google results, I'll upload it for you. Still early where you are so it will take a while before you can download.
    1 matches comment Thank you very much for the lecture. Appreciated. Don't know the secrets, just the obvious. You teacher, me pupil. Have a nice night.
    1 matches comment i has ask to my teacher,and he say he will not able to give some money to buy a font. ok2..i will find another way to get some money.ok thanks a lot koeiekat..
    1 matches comment http://www.myfonts.com/FontForums/download.php?f=5&file=subjunctivo.jpg Hey, i am wondering if any of you know what font this is? the text spells SUBJUNTIVO which is spanish for subjunctive, because i scanned this from a spanish worksheet in my spanish class, but my professor says its from some other teacher who made it like 10 years ago thanks for your help!
    2 matches comment Well, one goal you set yourself you will undoubtly achieve - not being taken too seriously! If it is mainly text let's hope for the teacher it is not a lot. With chubby cheeks [img:a9ae15cb14]http://www.abstractfonts.com/fonts/previews/4344.gif[/img:a9ae15cb14] I doubt wether he/she will ever reach the end. On the other hand, if that is also one of the goals you set for yourself - that one is easy too. But then why not use the 'piss off the professor' font? [img:a9ae15cb14]http://www.italiasoftware.it/download/font00/P/thm_Piss%20Off%20The%20Professor.gif[/img:a9ae15cb14] Aheader with 'chubby cheeks'? Well if it has to be that wild, why not the 'Arcanum'? [img:a9ae15cb14]http://www.abstractfonts.com/fonts/previews/9239.gif[/img:a9ae15cb14] May I suggest another one? Not too serious too but easily associated with geography (look at your old maps), the Caslon antique [img:a9ae15cb14]http://www.abstractfonts.com/fonts/previews/9571.gif[/img:a9ae15cb14] and Caslon Antique Italic for your headers. [img:a9ae15cb14]http://www.abstractfonts.com/fonts/previews/5218.gif[/img:a9ae15cb14]
    1 matches comment hi, i'm in need for a Font Converter, i found a really cool fonts and they're Mac only (.sit) and i need it in True Type for Windows (TTF) i'll try with REFONT version 1.4 but since it's a DOS program, and i didn't understand too much about DOS at school (he, we have a lazy teacher) anyways... Anyone could suggest me preferably a 'freeware' program for converting Mac fonts into Windows True Type fonts??? :confused:
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