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    27 matches comment Does anyone know the Font used for Ryan Sheckler's tattoo on his back? My son wants one with the same lettering. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
    5 matches comment Does anyone know what this font is? It is in a tattoo I have, and I want another with the same font. Please help! THANKS!
    1 matches comment ॥ सहनेनः च , विवेकेनः च, सुखं जीवितमनुहि ॥ Hi, I am trying get a tattoo of the above Sanskrit phrase, But my tattoo artist never did Sanskrit before and doesn't know any stylish fonts, but hes really talented i trust him. If someone can please give me different stylish fonts we can use them and get the trace and get a perfect tattoo. Thank you in advance for your help
    1 matches comment I was wondering if anyone noes what type of font this is or anything close to it. I am getting ready to get a tattoo with this font or something like it with my babys name. Please let me no if you do or anything cool like it. Thanks alot
    1 matches comment The letters on the sample are hand drawn. The closest fonts: 1).Tattoo Ink 2).Tattoo Lettering Black Both fonts are here
    2 matches comment Any responses will be very much appreciated!
    1 matches comment Can anyone please help to ID the font of this MAYBE NOT tattoo? I have looked everywhere and so far no one has been able to help me. Many thanks
    1 matches comment Hi guys. I found this font on a website several days ago as it is for a tattoo I'm about to get. The problem is, the font it's listed as brings up no search engine results bearing anything that resembles this whatsoever. It looks like a combination of Beowulf, Olde English, and Elvish script. I've attempted to contact the poster with no avail. Can someone help me? Ideally I just need an alphabet so my tattoo artist can sketch up the quote I'm getting. It's from Shakespeare, so it needs some justice. I'm crossing my fingers here. A week of sleepless nights trying to track this down has proven futile.
    1 matches comment ? Hello!! I am getting tattoo for my late grandmother and I was told that--- Вічная Пам'ять ---would be appropriate to put under it. I do not speak Ukrainian or know how to write it. If anyone out there knows how to write Вічная Пам'ять in HANDWRITING and fancy script (tattoo appropriate), please scan the image in and send to me!! Please send images to: michelletrimble@hotmail.com Thank you all sooooo much!!! Michelle
    1 matches comment Thanks guys :D Gwen Stefani did a line of Lesportsac bags before she started her own clothing line. This was the font used on her L.A.M.B. bags. They say "Love Angel Music Baby Lamb" and "Where did my lamb go". I bought an ipod tattoo a while back that had the wording on it and I loved it but it was not waterproof and it smeared and made a mess. So I found a place that will make a plastic ipod tattoo (no smearing!) with whatever design you like. I'd like to do the L.A.M.B. design but can't seem to get that stupid "s". They look like this: http://lamb-archive.net/files/pictures/season2-hellahobo.jpg

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