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    3 matches comment Anyone know what this font is?? I've been searching for a while with no luck. The tape is part of the font itself and not just a background image. Any help would be TOTALLY appreicated.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #10351 records, record player, tape, vinyl, turn tables, dj, people
    1 matches comment I was pleasantly suprised not to have more "red-tape" before coming to this :) and was happy with the offer. Still, I know better than to get used to this sort of thing. The dafont download stats are well above 200,000 for lt chickenhawk alone, while commercial licenses purchased/donations made for *all of my fonts* *anywhere*, still have not even broken the double-digit mark. I gotta keep it real you know! :P (and by "broken" I mean entered triple-digits btw) Thanks again to everyone for all of your advice.
    1 matches comment print in Inverted ? or use the invert colour mode in photoshop ? or use Embossing http://www.dafont.com/fr/embossing-tape.font Plastique http://www.dafont.com/fr/plastique.font
    1 matches comment view details for free font #2089 Alex, done. But you will have to refresh the font data and images as I can't. As usual it was lack of info in the naming section. By the way, DekoBrett is a copy of David Rakowski's LowerEastSide, which he also published as North-EastSide. Other names are Boa (CompuWorks), Campfire (Atech Software) ClampettsDisplay (WSI), Homeboy Display (Southern Software), PCUpperDowntown (Atech Software), PT Masking Tape (Kinghorn Company), PT Ruffio (Ward Technologies), Treehouse (SWFTE) and Woodplank (renamed LowerEastSide). As usual, no guarantee that the list is complete.
    1 matches comment Hmmm. Well with the poor quality of the image, it would be hard to accuratly identify this typeface... It is difficult for me to decipher if there is any measure of stroke variation to the letter-shapes, or if that is just the grain/distortion blending into them. The image is also at an angle, but the letters appear to slant some degree as well... I am certain that these are not the exact fonts used in this image, but I did find two that are similar. As I stated prior, I was unable to decipher an existing stroke variation or lack thereof, hence; I came up with a suggestion for both possilities. A similar font with no variation of stroke is Futura Book Italic BT. Close, but I do not think it is exact. If there is infact a variation to the strokes, the closest suggestion I came up with is Optimum Roman Italic, but the letter u is different. Sorry I couldn't definitively identify that for you. Hope this helps. Do you think you could possibly re-post this again with a larger and better quality version of the image? That might help. :)

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