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    2 matches comment The first one (the script) looks very messy but I'll give it a try. Success not guaranteed! The second one is extremey similar to 'DS Nova Black' if it were not for the small indents. So, or Nikolay Dubina has released a new version (the one around is the initial release, 2002) or someone has been playing with the DS Nova Black.
    8 matches comment Hi, I'm printing my wedding invties (which must go out Monday) and my computer crashed. I'm trying to re-dowload the fonts I chose onto another computer, but I can't for the life of me remember the names...!!! Fortunately I'd saved a sample of them earlier to show my fiance... Please help me identify them! I know the top one -- that's The King and Queen. It's the middle and bottom one that I can't remember, though I could swear the middle one was named Montague something. (No help--the font that comes up when I googles that is definitely not the right one.) TIA!!!!!!!!!!
    1 matches comment Looks like a modification of the Outlander Nova Black.
    3 matches comment I'm looking for the font or a font close to the one used for the emblems on Super Sport camaro.
    1 matches comment Anyone know it's name? Thank you.
    1 matches comment Sorry the image quality isnt great. It's all I can find. I'm looking for the font that "SUPER" is written in. Thanks!
    3 matches comment Well I'll be-- I didn't even think of American Typewriter, Thank you! It is close but you are right, not exact. Thank you as well for your kind words on Caviar Dreams :) I am very glad to hear it. Have a super day. ~Lauren
    1 matches comment Macrame Super Triline is similar.
    3 matches comment Perhaps more than 2 seconds would be advisable before you post a reply. That CD is no longer available. Thanks for taking the time to reply, it was super-helpful of you. The smart remark helped even more. Well done.
    1 matches comment Hello, similar typefaces/fonts to Portago: http://www.identifont.com/similar?3EY But this will not give a uneroded Protago. Portago is from 1997, Lord Nova 2 might be right. Bye bye

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    Nova Design .

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    Super Black
    Super Glue
    Super Hand
    Super Narrow MF
    Super Strong BB
    Super Wide MF
    Super Block MF Medium
    Super Duty Text
    Super Strong BB Bold
    Super Strong BB Italic
    Macrame Super Triline
    Super Bob Triline
    Super Duty Round Heavy
    Super Duty Round Light
    Super Duty Sharp Heavy
    Super Duty Sharp Light
    ReadOut Super
    Bossa Nova
    Super Duty Closed Round Heavy
    Super Duty Closed Round Light
    Super Duty Closed Sharp Heavy
    Super Duty Closed Sharp Light
    Super Duty Cond Round Heavy
    Super Duty Cond Round Light
    Super Duty Cond Sharp Heavy
    Super Duty Cond Sharp Light
    Super Duty Narrow Round Heavy
    Super Duty Narrow Round Light
    Super Duty Narrow Sharp Heavy
    Super Duty Narrow Sharp Light
    Albia Nova
    Bosa Nova MF
    Decima Nova
    Iova Nova
    Neuropol Nova
    Neuropol Nova Xp
    FF Super Grotesk Collection
    Super Delicious BTN
    Super Duty Cond Closed Round Heavy
    Super Duty Cond Closed Round Light
    Super Duty Cond Closed Sharp Heavy
    Super Duty Cond Closed Sharp Light
    Super Duty Narrow Closed Round Heavy
    Super Duty Narrow Closed Round Light
    Super Duty Narrow Closed Sharp Heavy
    Super Duty Narrow Closed Sharp Light
    FF Super Grotesk Bold
    FF Super Grotesk Medium
    FF Super Grotesk Regular
    FF Super Grotesk Volume
    Bossa Nova MVBStd
    Concorde Nova Italic
    Concorde Nova Medium
    Concorde Nova Regular
    Super Delicious BTN Outline
    Super Delicious BTN Shadow
    Doyen D Super
    Expedition Super
    Fete Super
    Poleno Super
    Rebound Super
    Super Handâ„¢ Regular
    FF Super Grotesk Condensed Bold
    Century Nova SB-Italic
    Century Nova SB-Roman
    Concorde Nova BQ Italic
    Concorde Nova BQ Medium
    Concorde Nova BQ Regular
    Decima Nova Bold
    Decima Nova Heavy
    Decima Nova Italic
    Decima Nova Light
    Espinosa Nova Bold
    Espinosa Nova Capitular I
    Espinosa Nova Capitular II
    Espinosa Nova Capitular IV
    Espinosa Nova Italic
    Espinosa Nova Ornaments
    Espinosa Nova Regular
    Espinosa Nova Titling
    Lindisfarne Nova BT Bold
    Lindisfarne Nova BT Incised
    Lindisfarne Nova BT Roman
    Neuropol Nova Bold
    Neuropol Nova Cond
    Neuropol Nova Italic
    Neuropol Nova Light
    Neuropol Nova Xp Bold
    Neuropol Nova Xp Italic
    Neuropol Nova Xp Light
    Outlander Nova Black
    Outlander Nova Bold
    Outlander Nova Light
    Outlander Nova Medium
    Proxima Nova A Black
    Proxima Nova A Bold
    Proxima Nova A Extrabold

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