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    4 matches comment oh oh... well, the same idea with the font tables. click on the font image and it opens up. BOOKMARKED: yes/no if you have that font bookmarked it will say 'yes', otherwise, 'no'. click on it and it will flip the status. you can view the bookmarks by clicking on your name or the house icon in the top left corner under the logo.
    1 matches comment i figured... nice of you, but feel free to speak your mind on any issue. Having site mod status shows that i trust your judgement. :)
    2 matches comment Don't do that, It doesn't work. The person you are chatting to has to has the same font. If not he sees only the default font. So if you want to write in in AIM with let's say Velocette and your AIM-partner doens't has it INSTALLED he sees your writing in ...humm... Arial? So forget it. Doesn't work in the current status of any PM-applications.
    1 matches comment Hi there, I'm new to buying fonts and hoped you could clarify for me what the copyright info listed with Auburn means: Copyright: Typeface � (your company). 2005. All Rights Reserved. Version: Version 1.00 August 19, 2005, initial release. It doesn't reference the "free" status in terms of use for non-commercial, commercial, etc., and there was no read me file with those details either. I want the font for commercial use and want to be sure we handle it the right way. Thanks so much!
    1 matches comment 3 places: 1. open font details, here on AF and it will show you the font properties from within the font file itself. 2. download zip file with the font, not just ttf. zip may contain additional text files that might explicitely forbid use unless you have purchased it. 3. If other options failed, figure out the author and search for his/her contact info. get info from them (usually dead end though) everything failed? the status is still unclear? do not use
    1 matches comment :( i am considering adding the status. the only hesitation is the large number of "shareware", "free"- and other "-wares", free for personal, not free for commercial; free personal, donationware for commercial and extra for other rich ppl. There are many ppl who get very creative with the copyright info. i dont think i would want to reduce free for personal but not free for commercial, just to "commercial".
    1 matches comment URBANFONTS.COM: Checking server [whois.opensrs.net] Results: Registrant: Urbanfonts P.O. Box 14332 Bakersfield, CA 93311 us Domain name: URBANFONTS.COM Administrative Contact: Inc., Freestyle Networks info@urbanfonts.com P.O. Box 14332 Bakersfield, CA 93311 us +1.4165647516 Technical Contact: Administrator, DNS dnsadmin@mediatemple.net 4640 Lankershim Blvd. 4th Floor - Suite (mt) N. Hollywood, CA 91602 US +1.8005784000 Fax: +1.8183012774 Registration Service Provider: (mt) Media Temple, dnsadmin@mediatemple.net 877-578-4000 818-301-2774 (fax) http://www.mediatemple.net/go/support/ To make contact, or to request technical support please first visit the (mt) AccountCenter: http://www.mediatemple.net/go/support/ Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC. Record last updated on 26-May-2006. Record expires on 14-Dec-2006. Record created on 14-Dec-2004. Domain servers in listed order: NS1.MEDIATEMPLE.NET NS2.MEDIATEMPLE.NET Domain status: ACTIVE Urbanfonts not only copied the Abstractfonts.com site concept but to make it look grown up it copied [part of] the forum too. Where I come from this is called theft of intelectual property. An economical delict with a maximum of 3 years in prison and fines up to 250.000. Sue the guy! I've set a spider at the urbanfonts forum. Let's see what can be collected.
    1 matches comment ? China Progressing in Luxury Consumption, Yes or No? Recently, I always see the news saying that a certain Chinese giant won the champion in luxury watch auction. Also, the mangers of luxury watch companies declared that more and more extravagant items will be launched to Chinese market. I am doubting weather China is in such a rapid development as it appears. As a Chinese citizen, I should be proud for international status improvement of China. However, what I see is not like that. Around me, there are still a lot of people who have starvation problem which should deserve urgent settlement. Though I am reluctant to admit the reality, the gap of the rich and the poor is really becoming larger and larger. The nation progress depends on the progress of its people. As only as the living levels of all the citizens are improved, we can say that the country is in a progress. Since the rich or millionaires have extra money for luxury consumption, why not denote them to the funds for the needs of the poor people? According to my understanding, luxury items like branded watches or designer handbags, watches like http://www.swisswatchesmart.com TAG Heuer Watches , http://www.swissluxurymall.com Breitling Watches or fashion brand http://www.coolwatchmart.com Michael Kors Watches are the privilege the rich. In other words, only you have abundant money left, then you can talk about luxury purchase. However, the fact is that the population of Chinese poor people takes a great proportion. That is to say, there are still numerous Chinese people in middle-class or low-class living level. Luxury watches for them are extra imagination in daily life but never truly owned. If they have to embellish themselves, they usually go to authentic watches instead. The reason is because only these imitation timepieces are affordable to them and greatly meet their needs in everyday life. It is not strange that there are a certain number of people are of great fortune. Some are even competitive to the world's richest persons. For personal interest, they may spend a large amount of money on just an original branded watch at limited edition in international auction. Such behavior may be considered the pride of Chinese people, but I never and will not. Personally, money should not be used like that because it can be used for other beneficial activities. Anyhow, it is just my own point of view towards such issue. Different people have different opinions and world value. If they consider what they do is of value, they ca
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