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    6 matches comment Hi, I created a logo for my business and am certain i downloaded the font off this site. the font is called 'Reprise Stamp' I have lost this font, and when i search for it on this site to get it back it finds 0 matches for reprise stamp. someone please help!
    5 matches comment Hi there, Hope everybody is well. I am looking for a font that looks like a postage stamp. In other words the letters have perforated edges. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks ever so much, Gav
    2 matches comment Hi everyone, I have been looking for greek fonts, but all I have been able to find are fraternity/sorority types, or greek language symbols(?) An example is here:(the big letters) http://www.ikariam.org/ If anyone knows of anything similar please let me know. Thanks!!!
    3 matches comment Where can I find a FREE font that resembles a stamped-on expiration date (like those found on eggs, milk, and such)? It must include mumbers, not just letters. FF Stamp Gothic and Realstamp seemed like just the thing, but they're $40 a piece!
    4 matches comment What fonts are used within this file? I'm looking for the fonts used for William Jewel, Greek Week, and 2010. Thanks!
    1 matches comment uploaded image Hello everyone! I am desperate to find this font! It is used a lot on the greek channels but I have been unable to identify it! It must be a popular font as I have also seen it on magazines and logos, and it supports Greek also! But it has been impossible to find it! It looks like Bauhaus but it's not! Please help! Thank you in advance!
    1 matches comment Oops, didn't see the time stamp. Sorry.
    1 matches comment Hi, I'd like to know all the fonts present on this scan. Thanks in advance.
    1 matches comment Can anyone help me identifying this font. This work I'm doing is for a non-profit organization that promotes stamp collection
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #15265 This font created for personal use only, please enjoy typing in two of the ancient writings from the Rosetta Stone way back in 196 BC, hieroglyphs were normally enclosed in a cartouche, the greek is modern lowercase for comparison only, demotic to follow soon. From the Ptolemaic Period, 196 B.C. Height: 114.400 cm (max.) Width: 72.300 cm Thickness: 27.900 cm Weight: about 760 kilograms (1,676 lb.) The Rosetta Stone is inscribed in 3 languages: Demotic (the everyday script, used to write documents), Greek (the language of Ionian Greeks, an administrative script), and Hieroglyphs (for priestly business).

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    DB Post Stamp
    Rubber Stamp LET
    Rustic Stamp
    Stamp Of Approval JNL
    Lino Stamp Bold
    FF Stamp Gothic Regular
    Rustic Stamp Regular
    Catenary Stamp
    FF Stamp Gothic Bold Italic
    Meposa Stamp
    Nanquim Stamp
    Newsletter Stamp
    Soap Stamp
    FF Stamp Gothic Offc Regular
    Meposa Stamp
    Soap Stamp
    KG Something to Believe In Regular
    Nanquim Stamp
    PiS Neo Print M319 Stamp
    Arial Dual Greek Volume
    Sabon® Greek Italic
    Sabon® Greek Roman
    Sabon® Greek Bold
    Math with Greek
    Oksana Greek
    Greek Black SCF
    Greek Plain SCF
    Greek Round SCF
    New Century Schoolbook® Greek Bold
    Times® Ten Greek Bold
    Times® Ten Greek Inclined
    Times® Ten Greek Upright
    Sabon® Greek Bold Italic
    Baskerville LT Greek Bold
    Baskerville LT Greek Inclined
    Baskerville LT Greek Upright
    New Century Schoolbook® Greek Inclined
    New Century Schoolbook® Greek Upright
    Frutiger® Next Greek Black
    Frutiger® Next Greek Bold
    Frutiger® Next Greek Heavy
    Frutiger® Next Greek Italic
    Frutiger® Next Greek Light
    Frutiger® Next Greek Medium
    Frutiger® Next Greek Regular
    Palatino® nova Greek Bold
    Palatino® nova Greek Italic
    Palatino® nova Greek Regular
    Times® Ten Greek Bold Inclined
    Frutiger® Next Greek Condensed
    Really™ No 2 Greek 1 Volume
    Really™ No 2 Greek 2 Volume
    Really™ No 2 Greek 3 Volume
    Really™ No 2 Greek 4 Volume
    Really™ No 2 Greek Bold
    Really™ No 2 Greek Demi
    Really™ No 2 Greek Italic
    Really™ No 2 Greek Light
    Really™ No 2 Greek Medium
    Really™ No 2 Greek Regular
    Oksana Greek Alt
    Oksana Greek Bold
    Oksana Greek Heavy
    Oksana Greek Italic
    Oksana Greek Light
    Oksana Greek Thin
    Really No 2 Greek Volume
    Palatino® nova Greek Bold Italic
    Gill Sans® Greek Light
    Gill Sans® Greek Roman
    Gill Sans® Greek Inclined
    Frutiger® Next Greek Black Italic
    Frutiger® Next Greek Bold Italic
    Frutiger® Next Greek Condensed Bold
    Frutiger® Next Greek Heavy Italic
    Frutiger® Next Greek Light Italic
    Frutiger® Next Greek Medium Italic
    Frutiger® Next Greek Ultra Light
    Gill Sans® Greek Light Inclined
    Frutiger® Next Greek Condensed Black
    Frutiger® Next Greek Condensed Heavy
    Frutiger® Next Greek Condensed Light
    Frutiger® Next Greek Condensed Medium
    Really™ No 2 Greek Bold Italic
    Really™ No 2 Greek Demi Italic
    Really™ No 2 Greek Extra Bold
    Really™ No 2 Greek Light Italic
    Really™ No 2 Greek Medium Italic
    Really™ No 2 Greek Semi Bold
    Frutiger® Next Greek Condensed Ultra Light
    Gill Sans Greek Volume
    Linotype Ergo™ Greek Bold
    Linotype Ergo™ Greek Italic
    Linotype Ergo™ Greek Medium
    Arial® Greek Dual Inclined
    Arial® Greek Dual Regular
    Arial® Greek Dual Bold
    Greek Font Set #1
    Greek Font Set #2
    Linotype Ergo™ Greek Regular

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