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    5 matches comment Hello, I'm trying to find a font with a tail at the end, to use it in a blog of cats. I'd like to use a rounded font, but I don't find anything. Any idea?
    2 matches comment Well, excuse me, a-hole. In my first post, I asked you guys to send me ALL the NBA teams' fonts and you didn't so I figured I had to post each one of them separately. Oh, but that upsets you... well kiss my lily white ass. And just so you know, I hate cats and I enjoy torturing them. Sometimes I swing them by their tail or I'll tie an M-80 to their tail and light it and watch them run around scared... good times. ;)
    5 matches comment it's been simply hard to find fonts with tails ,like these baseball ones...is that made manually or such fonts does have these tails on their list of carachters? if you know ,please, tell me which fonts are these,ok? thank you =)
    1 matches comment Custom made as all sports logos. But try your luck and start digging in the sports dept.
    4 matches comment greek week is Crown Title. For 2008 shop around in the sports dept.
    2 matches comment It's a caps only font but the d, i and l look like lower case letters and the l has a rounded tail at the bottom. It's sans serif. It's similar to the attached image.
    1 matches comment Also look in the sports category: http://www.abstractfonts.com/category/61/Sports
    1 matches comment I have come across quite a few fonts here that deserve to be included/cross-referenced in the Sports category. A small list: Athletic College Cowboys Go Long (possible) Ivy League Mandatory (possible) My Puma Pakenham (possible) Porn Star Academy Princetown Raiders Sport Spirit AF Team Spirit Viking Stencil URWWOODTypD The "possibles" are there because they are quite similar to fonts used for name lettering on soccer jerseys. There's also some stylized scripts that are definitely used for baseball uniforms (Marketing Script and Ballpark, for one) I hope this helps to expand the Sports category for everyone. cheers!
    1 matches comment The "r" with the odd tail to the "e" is familiar but I can't find the name
    1 matches comment I have never seen it before... the "R" has a long "tail" to it, and the other letters have funny little serifs... I believe each line is two different fonts also...

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