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    4 matches comment view details for free font #11511 [quote]@Kingthings : Spike was made because Buffy has one, I made Xander... Willow is yet to come. Oh and because I hate Engravers Old English[/quote]
    4 matches comment I'm looking for the font at the top, the "LEE & CATES" part only. Thanx :)
    1 matches comment Hi there! I'm looking for the font that Lee jeans use for their logo Its a sort of branded type (into the leather) Thanks
    1 matches comment Can anyone help me ID this metal spike font please?
    1 matches comment Well it's hard to say. But try El&Font Gothic. Seems to be quite popular in the independent music business (especially for the wings in the font) Some Blackletter-fonts are a go, too. Use Spike Regular for example. Have you had a look at the various grunge, spike, Horror or weird departments here? Oh yes, Opiated comes to mind (as the bands name resembles it) Oh and the new Barrio from Dasklem is nice too. Well, finally, it depends what you make out of it. With some ideas Impact, Eurostile and even a plain Helvetica can make a good typeface for a band's logo.
    3 matches comment Hi there, can anybody help me identify the font that is written in red on this movie poster? And if possible (should it be a non standard font) where I can download it? Many thanks, Neil.
    2 matches comment Thyank you! Imapact, 25* slant, 228% Spot on, 25yrs in the business and I missed this? Cheers, Lee.
    1 matches comment Impact (by Geoffrey Lee) calto
    1 matches comment Thank you for your suggestions. Just to note, it doesn't need to be a complicated look, something simple would be fine, too. I was hoping there was a font that looked similar to just the overall shape of how one spike piece looks. Similar to how the Abaddon one looks, simple but nice shapes.
    1 matches comment LoreZyra, Not to sound obnoxious - but what exactly are you adding to this thread? If you had followed the link I put there more than a year ago - you would see that Lee received the word about Freehand 521. It's there. Please read next time and not reopen a dead thread.

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