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    2 matches comment does anyone know what the new no smoking font is on the new signs? as attached
    1 matches comment trust me i had this font thats what kills me, this font exsits as shown here :( just cant remeber the name
    1 matches comment i hope you are being sarcastic, swallow. when a company hires and employee and that employee builds a faulty house that collapses and kills a person, the company is held responsibile and gets sued. so far there hasnt been anything but finger pointing by the company at the emplyee(s).
    1 matches comment I've been looking and looking for the Truth ad series font, there's a lot like it, but characters are different than the one in the ad...please HELLPPP...thanx.peace
    1 matches comment Hi, I just spent a few hours to browse through every font on your site, and I can't seem to find the font I'm looking for. See, I had recently whiped out my computer and ofcourse forgot to backup my fonts. The one and only font I need is the one I use on my website for my logo. Here's the UR; to my site: http://www.smoke9000.com (Just so you know, It has nothing to do with cigarette or other smoking habbits. It's a search engine, with other stuff I'm working with.) If you can identify, or even better locate the font for me, I'd be in your debt. Thanks In Advance!
    1 matches comment view details for free font #12750 I've never had any direct correspondence with Analia. She posted on another message board that she had some fonts that she had made, and she would like to share them. If referred her to a number of sites that accept font submissions, including this one, and I also referred her to Luc Devroye, who set up a homepage for her on his site. I really like her dingbat font, but that has received no comments. The John Lennon Normal font was made in August, 2006, so, if she's still making fonts, no doubt her skills have improved. I didn't even know Go Go Gjoob existed, because I don't go to myfonts. There's a good chance she didn't know about it, either. I'm not a big fan of handwriting fonts, or of this font in particular, other than the dingbat characters, but I am a fan of anyone who makes fonts themselves, and choses to freely share them with others. Nothing kills enthusiasm more than lack of encouragement and unconstructive criticism. I was very fortunate to have support and encouragement from Luc Devroye while I taught myself fontmaking, through trial and error. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, I try to help people make their fonts better, by letting them know which techniques will and will not work, because I had to find all of that out myself, the hard way. I've had a steep learning curve since my first disasterous attempt at making a font myself in August, 2007, and I'm always looking for new ways to make more complex fonts, while staying within the memory limits of my fontmaking software. I've had a lot of downloads recently, over 12,000 in the last 2½ weeks, but very little feedback, including no comments here, other than my own notations. Letraset no doubt uses a program much more sophisticated than ScanFont, but I'm limited to ScanFont because it's the only one I have that lets me import monochrome bitmaps directly. Analia uses something from Font Logic, but I'm not sure what. I can't justify paying hundreds of dollars to buy a better program, just so I might be able to make my freeware fonts look a little bit better. I do the best I can, and I'm sure that's what Analia did, as well. I've seen other fonts on this site that weren't any better, but they weren't singled out for negative comments.

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