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    1 matches comment Shelley Allegro
    1 matches comment It's an Agfa-Monotype font, look here: Allegro But the Shelley Allegro and the Belphebe have a very similar "feeling". Look here: /search/shelley and here /search/belphebe U.
    1 matches comment "Shelley Allegro Script "
    1 matches comment This 9 is a no-brainer, the Shelley. Allegro, Andante or Volante. All three have the same 9.
    1 matches comment Also a Shelley script. The Shelley Allegro Script.
    1 matches comment Hi- take a look at www.soralella.com (or the jpg I attached) i am trying to figure on the font used- the S and the L look like Shelley Allegro Script or English 111 Vivace- BUT I can't seem to figure out the lower case letters- thanks in advance-
    2 matches comment Two fonts were used: D, K, Master Locksmith ==> Shelley Script Volante avid rouse ==>Optima
    1 matches comment For Geografija you should go to University For Vipavia you could use Shelley Andante (modified initial?) aka English Script.
    3 matches comment BT - thus commercial. You should not ask for this. Next time ask for a clone. Try to find SheerGrace. You can also ask uncle for English111PrestoBT. In the first result you see tt0595m_.ttf. Ask uncle again, and again the very first link brings you to an open directory in Spain. Open and you'll see that English111PrestoBT and Shelley Volante are identical. See? Life's easy.
    1 matches comment Shelley Volante.

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