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    6 matches comment Try LadyTimeless' site: http://www.ladytimeless.org/siteindex.html Check under the frames and dingbats links. You might find some other interesting things there as well.
    6 matches comment Hey all, I'm hoping one of you font gurus can identify which font they used for the Sex and the City logo. Thanks a million!
    2 matches comment Hahaha! Thanks! I don't know if my high school would appreciate the letters of "A Chorus Line" having sex with eachother, but thank you very much anyway. I know this is tough, I've looked for months! But if anyone has anything else close to that, minus the sex - that would be great! -bdag
    2 matches comment I've been trying to figure out the font used for "Carrie" in the name necklace that the character wears in "Sex in the City." I haven't had much luck, does anyone here know? Thanks! :)
    1 matches comment Does anyone know what the "Sex & the City" font could be? I know they used it on the latest Destiny's Child video.
    3 matches comment Did you try the dingbats dept.?
    2 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #12872 vidas secas dingbats
    3 matches comment Anyone know of a good Fish dingbat font? Ive got all the ones from dafont.com, basically they need to be solid black silhouettes of fresh/saltwater aquarium fish-- ie) chiclids, angelfish, plecos, and the like
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    2 matches comment view details for free font #13607 fallout game

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    GG Dingbats
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