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    superman ttf-77 super meatboy-118 super meatbou-118 super meat bpy-129 super meat boy-148 "super meat boy"-148 segoe print.ttf-198 superman type-1164

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    2 matches comment Trying to download a font but having trouble. Followed the You Tube Video but the website is different... there is no way to save as a TFF. Any ideas??
    2 matches comment Hi Kat, how are you, I trust that your well. Thanks for the help with that one, very much appreciated. I have managed track down one thats very very similar 'London-Tube' Cleo my kitten says thanks for the help as well! Regards Gary
    1 matches comment Thanks for your reply. I cannot copy/paste your text and when I try pasting the Helvetica CV here it reformats! I'm afraid I'm a total novice when it comes to knowing more than serif versus sans serif. (Though I read enough of the board to know I'd better steer clear of the evil Comic Sans ;-) I'm not sure what your "Linotype" reference means. It does seem to me that your sample is narrower, however. Thanks again. (I just watched the You Tube video of delighted Big Cats with pumpkins, which I adored. Hope that counts.)

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