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    46 matches comment noe
    4 matches comment uploaded image Please need to know the name of this Font ,is life or death.
    1 matches comment Sorry, can't find it. Looks like it is actually 'gate' and 'salt'. Where can I see the original?
    3 matches comment Hi, Does anyone what this font is please? It's from the new 'Design for Life' program showing on the BBC at the moment. Thanks, Slates
    1 matches comment ? I find myself rushing to put the kids to bed on Sunday nights so that I can watch all of Big Love without interruption. I love how some of the characters struggle with being a polygamist and come to terms in their own way. Also, Nicki's character is one of those you love to hate. She drives me crazy most weeks with her behavior and then makes me really respect her in others. My experience in life is that most people are this way, where they do really dumb or selfish things majority of the times and then they surprise you with something wonderful, which is why you keep them in your life. Although the main theme of polygamy is not something I deal with in my life a lot of the other issues they face are things that can happen to any of us. www.dvdboxroom.com
    1 matches comment I'm looking for a font (or a high resolution scan) of the star of life. If you don't know what I'm talking about I've included a picture. Any help would be appreciated!
    1 matches comment If anyone can tell me what the Life Purpose font is I would be very gratefull, looked all day for it, and could not find it anywhere.
    1 matches comment Hello, I am looking for a font named LIFE. This way I am attaching a gif to show how it looks like. Thanks in advance
    1 matches comment Hello, I am looking for a script font named LIFE. It looks like the font AMAZONEN. Thanks
    1 matches comment I need help yet again on another film-related project. There are a few different posters around for the James Stewart film "It's A Wonderful Life", but typically, the one version I am trying to recreate for a personal project has a handwriting font I don't have anything near enough to substitute. This image was a magazine advert around at the time, and differs in many ways from the normal film poster. It's A Wonderful Life advert The font I am looking for is the red one which cuts across the characters, reading "It's A Wonderful Life". The drop line effects I can duplicate in Photoshop, but the font itself - or something close enough - is what I need. Thanks again in anticipation :D

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