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    6 matches comment ... I was finally able to figure out where I had installed it from originally, and that was from release 9.0 of the CorelDraw suite. Alas my old program CD for release 9 has a crack, and I cannot pull the font from it. Does anyone have a copy of version 9.0 of CorelDraw? Thanks, Cate
    2 matches comment Full Moon BT in the Black Cherry weight probably.
    1 matches comment I am looking for a shareware or demo verson of one of the Gibbon/Traynor fonts such as Rustling Branches, Black Cherry Moon or Full Moon - will probably buy the full blown BT version later but wanted to test fly a design first. Is there a shareware equivalent or a demo version?
    2 matches comment Relex. We aren't there all day. Your Moon Star is free.
    1 matches comment Blue Moon
    1 matches comment Thank you, thank you, thank you! It was one of those cases where one looks at the font and says "I know what that is", but can't quite remember. Now if I could only figure out how to lay my fingers on the Black Cherry Moon font on that old cracked CorelDraw 9 CD, life would be very grand. Indeed, they are both just fonts, but rather nifty nevertheless.
    1 matches comment The first one, as you may have guessed, I dont know. As for the second one go for a condensed version of [and I don't claim this list to be complete :idea: ]: Black Chancery BD Merced Blue Moon Cherries Black DickensScriptSSK Regular Nothingham Newborough
    1 matches comment I was finally able to pull the Black Cherry Moon off my old cracked CorelDraw CD so that problem is fixed, and it is good to have that font back again. However, does anyone know of a close free equivalent to the Water Brush font designed by Rob Leuschke at TypeSETit?
    1 matches comment [quote:3cd088d8bd="Anonymous Reactor"]It's better than inspect all font types,which has accented fonts...[/quote:3cd088d8bd] Sure? Read again. "Most have. Only the fancy types often lack these mainly by lack of interest or knowledge of the 'designer'. Alex was clear enough. If you want to know wether or not a font has the high ASCII characters included just look at the properties. More than the 128 lower characters? Almost sure you've got it. " For your understanding; almost every font has the accented characters. So why bother to make something that you already have? Did you try Allchars? Better do! Still want to invent the moon? OK. Try Font Creator. For just $ 65 about the cheapest program that actually works. To get an idea what it is all about read this discussion. Success!
    1 matches comment There seems to be a misunderstanding here. The Gibson logo was designed in the early years of the 20th century when type was available in lead - or not. Only a very few types were available in sizes fit for headings. So except for types that were used reguarly for news- and book-print and so most headers for other purposes were drawn by hand. Get a copy of a newspaper of those years and look at the advertisements. Tou will see that almost all 'fancy' headings and logos are hand drawn. Some of these are based on then existing types. Most are a free interpretation, specially logos. Assuming that the Gibson logo was indeed based on an existing type the chances that tat type has ever been digitized are minimal as only the most common types of those years (owned by Monotype and Linotype, ...) were, when lead an photosetting faded out. In short: If you insist to have a font that the Gibson logo is based on or that looks so similar that it could be used to (re)create the logo you might as well insist that the moon is a grapefruit. While everybody knows and is is very clear to see that it is a pancake. Even shorter: There is no such thing around.

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