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    1 matches comment Hello FellowFontVoyagers, I am looking for a font that looks like it is roughly carved or scratched into wood, like initials carved into a tree or a picnic table. It needs to look a little like "chicken scratch". It is not a wood cut, it is rough and scratched into the wood. Has anybody seen this? Thanx. Dave
    4 matches comment Hi there, I'm recreating the poster for 'Dead Man's Shoes' for a college project and ideally want to do everything from scratch, so the font would be useful! Thanks in advance!
    2 matches comment ? for the Blackwater Ranch Ltd. My hubby and i just purchased it and i now have to do an official letter and i refuse to do it without the right letter head. I have been looking for hours now and i know exactly zip about font names,ect. Does anyone out there know where or what to look for, specifically, i am looking for a font that is very watery (blackwater) and bold (ranch) and maybe a little rustic, if I have to. I was hoping for something really special that i could then have airbrushed onto a nice old chevy truck, so i wanted it to be really cool. Sort of like country music meets alternative rock. But now I am so discouraged by the vast amount of fonts out there its very overwhelming. Can anyone out there help in any way? It would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Cat Harms. No its not a typo.
    2 matches comment Hi, I've been looking everywhere for the font used in the title of the Dawn Of The Dead movie posters and video covers but haven't had any luck. There is a 2004 remake and the font for that keeps popping up, but I can't locate this one. Can anyone help? Thanks
    2 matches comment The subject line pretty much says it all. I have searched every place known to me without any luck. Hopefully someone here might be able to assist me. I need to know the typeface and/or font for the xbox game Dead Or Alive 3, later released in the same series seem to have the same font but I have yet to be able to track down what font it is?
    2 matches comment Looking for font to match the text in the "Night of the Living Dead" poster.
    3 matches comment all of those sites appeared to be dead to me... is it just me?
    2 matches comment Looking to see if anyone could help in identifying this font. I've looked everywhere to try to find it with no luck. It almost looks like an italic/script Papyrus type font. Thank you in advance!!!
    3 matches comment So I found the last one I wanted, but I couldn't find this one in your serif section. It's a dead ringer for Aachen, but the serifs are all different. Any suggestions?
    2 matches comment What is a good wood cut or ancient type font? It will be used for t-shirt prints, so should be clear and easy to read. Thanks!

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    Dead Wood Rustic
    Dead Wood Rustic Regular
    Dead Rite PB
    Dead Ringer BB
    Dead Mule-Canyon
    Dead Mule-Grande
    Dead Mule-West
    Dead Ringer BB Italic
    Dead Zone Bold
    Dead Zone Medium
    Dead Zone Oblique
    Dead Zone Regular
    Rustic Stamp
    ABTS Day of the Dead
    FT Dead Mans Diary
    Dead Zone Bold Oblique
    Dead Zone Medium Oblique
    Dead Mans Complete Family Pack
    ABTS Day of the Dead Symbols
    FT Dead Mans Diary Messy
    Dead Mule Canyon
    Dead Mule Grande
    Dead Mule Volume
    Dead Mule West
    Wood Type515
    Wood Type516
    Wood Type517
    Wood Type518
    Wood Barrel
    Wood Painter
    Wood Type515 Italic
    Wood Type515 Old Style
    Wood Type515 Outline
    Wood Type515 Shadow
    Wood Type515 Thin
    Wood Type515 Wide
    Dark Wood
    Dark Wood Three
    Dark Wood Two
    Wood Font Five
    Wood Font Four
    Wood Font Two
    Rustic Stamp Regular
    Woodruff™ Rustic
    Wood Box Gothic
    Wood French XX Condensed
    Wood Tuscan Condensed
    Refugio Rustic NF
    Caveman Rustic
    Kidwriting Rustic
    Syondola Rustic
    Woodruff Rustic
    Refugio Rustic WBW
    Unique Wood Normal
    Wood Antique Condensed Bold
    Dead Zone™ Bold
    Dead Zone™ Medium
    Dead Zone™ Oblique
    Dead Zone™ Regular
    FT Dead Mans Diary Regular
    FT Dead Mans Diary Messy
    Dead Zone™ Bold Oblique
    Dead Zone™ Medium Oblique
    Page Wood Borders NF
    Untitled Wood Type
    Dead Ringer BB Complete Family Pack
    Angostura Wood
    URW Wood Type (D)
    URW Wood Type OnlyShadow (D)
    Dead Zone™ Complete Family Pack
    Kvadrat Wood Z
    Wood Type URW D
    Untitled Wood Type Italic
    Untitled Wood Type Old Style
    Untitled Wood Type Outline
    Untitled Wood Type Shadow
    Untitled Wood Type Thin
    Untitled Wood Type Wide
    P22 Day of the Dead Complete Family Pack
    Wood Font Five
    Wood Font Four
    Bigboy Complete Family Pack
    Wood Type URW Only Shadow D
    FB Wood Cut Regular
    P22 Ornes Ornamented Rustic
    P22 Ornes Ornamented SC Rustic
    P22 Ornes Pro Rustic
    Pakenham Wood
    Wood Font Two Regular
    Barnboard Regular
    Pakenham Wood
    Angostura Wood
    Dark Wood Regular
    Dark Wood Three Regular
    Dark Wood Two Regular
    Dark Wood Volume
    P22 Ornes Ornamented Rustic Package
    Syondola Rustic Regular
    Untitled Wood Type Thin

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