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    3 matches comment Since many time I would buy Jolly Roger (from Red Rooster: ), but I've spent too money in fonts and I cannot buy it for other months (years?) :-( Santa Clause hasn't bring it to me... My question (hoping to find the original font) is: there is a free font that resemble Jolly Roger? There is a free version of it? Thanks in advance Salvo
    1 matches comment Dear all, For an Paint Shop Pro examn, I am making a "new" movie-banner (?) for the movie "who framed roger rabbit". The font used is Pleasant Hand Bold. Unfortunately, this is a font ehich has to be bought, so I am looking for a similar font. You can find an example on this site http://home.hccnet.nl/w.hulscher/Startframe_les4.htm, and then click "font". I really, really hope you can help me out..... Thanks!!
    2 matches comment view details for free font #13838 Thanks Roger, for updating the freebies. Helps us diacritic users to use the fonts properly. ;)
    2 matches comment Hi Lauren This sounds eerily like a recent thread on Typophile: http://www.typophile.com/node/73007 Perhaps you'll find some good input there? :) Roger
    1 matches comment view details for free font #13066 Hi Roger, small world it is. Thanks for clearly explaining the difference between the free and the pro version :)
    1 matches comment view details for free font #556 YES? No, It's ABWH! [Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe] Roger Dean Should get into typography! Are There Other Fonts Like "Keys","Turbulence""Homebrew"or Maybe "Classic"?
    1 matches comment view details for free font #304 Base font is Calypso, the classic from Roger Excoffon. Found in this thread
    1 matches comment Hi there, I tried the link to download my bookmarked fonts, but this just keeps taking me to the login page. Am I doing something wrong? Cheers, Roger
    1 matches comment Hi, [quote]@tophy52:5 has something close to Staccato222, enlarged, bolded http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/bitstream/staccato-222/ [/quote] Mistral! The original typeface is called Mistral (by Roger Excoffon, 1953). Browse the similar fonts on identifont: http://www.identifont.com/similar?5T4 Only look at the red marked ones and ignore the junk ... Bye Bye
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    White Rabbit
    Rabbit On The Moon
    Rabbit On The Moon Condensed
    Rabbit On The Moon Italic
    Rabbit On The Moon Condensed Italic
    Roger Outline
    Roger Regular
    Jolly Roger
    Jolly Roger Naked
    Jolly Roger Shadow
    Roger Script
    Roger Excoffon Selection
    Jolly Roger Naked
    Jolly Roger Regular
    Jolly Roger Shadow
    Jolly Roger Complete Family Pack
    Easter Fleurons Regular
    Phil Yeh Complete Family Pack
    Fairy Tale Regular
    Mistral® Light
    Banco et al Volume
    Banco® Regular
    Mistral® Regular
    Calypso Regular
    Antique Olive™ Compact
    Antique Olive™ Italic
    Letter Gothic™ Oblique
    URW Antique Olive™ SC
    PIXymbols CommandKey
    Antique Olive™ Black
    Antique Olive™ Bold
    Antique Olive™ Light
    Antique Olive™ Nord
    Antique Olive™ Roman
    Antique Olive 1 Volume
    Antique Olive 2 Volume
    Letter Gothic™ Slanted
    Letter Gothic™ Bold
    Letter Gothic™ Regular
    PIXymbols Alphacircle
    PIXymbols Dingbats 2.0
    URW Antique Olive™ SC Medium
    Antique Olive™ Nord Italic
    Letter Gothic™ Bold Oblique
    PIXymbols Penman B
    PIXymbols TV list
    PIXymbols Apothecary
    PIXymbols Astrology
    PIXymbols Boxnlines
    PIXymbols DOSscreen
    PIXymbols Fabricare
    PIXymbols Fractions
    PIXymbols Shadowkey
    PIXymbols Tolerances
    PIXymbols Xcharting
    Staccato 222 Regular
    Staccato 555 Regular
    Mistral Complete Family Pack
    PIXymbols Luna
    PIXymbols Chalk Casual
    PIXymbols Africa
    PIXymbols Alphabox
    PIXymbols Ameslan
    PIXymbols Antorff
    PIXymbols Arrows
    PIXymbols Boxkey
    PIXymbols Casual
    PIXymbols Courex
    PIXymbols Marina
    PIXymbols Meeting
    PIXymbols Musica
    PIXymbols Newsdot
    PIXymbols Passkey
    PIXymbols Phone
    PIXymbols Primer D
    PIXymbols Squared
    PIXymbols Stylekey
    PIXymbols Unikey
    PIXymbols USmap
    PIXymbols Xstitch
    PIXymbols ADA symbols
    PIXymbols Chess Regular
    PIXymbols Digit & Clocks
    PIXymbols Faux Chinese
    PIXymbols Faux Runic
    PIXymbols Hwy Gothic B
    PIXymbols Hwy Gothic C
    PIXymbols Hwy Gothic D
    PIXymbols Hwy Gothic E
    PIXymbols Linea Regular
    PIXymbols Mejicana Color
    PIXymbols Morse Regular
    PIXymbols Penman Regular
    PIXymbols Prescott Fancy
    PIXymbols Prescott Plain
    PIXymbols Signet Classic
    PIXymbols Signet Emboss
    PIXymbols Signet Modern
    PIXymbols Signet Regular

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