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    7 matches comment Lauren, have to leave now for a few hours. Let me surprise you when I'm back ...
    8 matches comment OK, submitted all of my free and free for personal use fonts... feel free to add any of them to your site . ~Lauren
    1 matches comment Hi Does anyone know of a font that is similar is style to that used by UK artist Ralph Steadman? Thanks. Mikey london
    4 matches comment Hello all! Naturally, as a newbie I have question IDing a font I like. I've been to every 'typefinder' I can find on the web - this appears to be one obscure font, if indeed it's actually a font. Could it be a custom logo? I think the style is transitional and the serifs are wedge. The graphic dates from a scan of the original printing of the book in 1969 - that may be a clue. It's very elegant. Any help/leads _really_ appreciated! Thanks... Ralph
    2 matches comment Hmmm... that script thing... the one that comes close is the 'Lauren Script'. But J and o don't match - the rest is close enough. This type was cloned by Fantazia Concepts (notice the missing *) and released under the prozaic name of 'FZ Script 22'. I allways felt that the concept of Fantazia was; I'll take what's yours and call it mine. That's all. If Lauren isn't good enough you're on your own.
    1 matches comment No Lauren, the license has not changed and will not change. Yes Lauren, almost any commercial font, certainly from the mayor suppliers, can be found as a free download in no time. That is wrong, but a fact. Respect for others and their property is already hard to find nowadays but close to extinct on the web. Alas.
    1 matches comment @ Cher, this is useless. Lauren simply could not understand that she was not accused of anything. Just couldn't cope with the situation that the thingie she had so proudly made already existed. Never thought of the possibility that an existing type had been used for that book's title. Thus went bananas. Utterly bananas, true. Lauren has tried to solve this. Has removed most of the sin-city dialect, so it's OK.
    3 matches comment Lauren, thank you! What a nice way to say this.
    2 matches comment Can anyone ID this font? Thanks in advance. Ralph
    2 matches comment The font used on the cover of the book Fallen by Lauren Kate - Does anyone know the name of this font and where can I download it?

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