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    2 matches comment Looks like Flyer, IMHO. Although Flyer looks more fatty. http://www.linotype.com/435/flyer-family.html
    3 matches comment Hi, I've been looking for the font that's used for the logo for the band TV On The Radio. I've been searching quite a bit, and while I've found some script fonts that are similar I can't seem to find this exact font. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
    1 matches comment Not a font. That is, not one font but a weird mix of fonts by a signmaker that ran out of space. Who knows. The E can be the Humanist 521 Extra Bold Condensed (BT) The A can be the Swiss 721 Black (BT) The L can be the Flyer Black Condensed (Fantasia) The I can be most anything The N can be the Newhouse DT Extra Black (DTP Types) The G can be the Franklin Gothic Heavy The M can be the Newhouse DT Extra Black The O can be most anything The T can be the Franklin Gothic Heavy or the Flyer Black Condensed The R can be the Futura Extra Black Condensed (or one of it's many variations) The S can be the Futura Extra Black Condensed (or one of it's many variations - probably the Flyer Black Condensed - see the lower left side of the S) If this would in the end happen to be a font after all then at least we know where the font maker has been borrowing ...
    3 matches comment dear experts, can you identify the fonts used in this logo? i am sure they are not hard to find out, the first should be arial bold, but i am not sure about the second one and a little stressed. looks like an odd mix of types and i appreciate your help! thanks.
    2 matches comment Need the font for the "We Are History" Thanks!
    1 matches comment Just want to know what this font is and where I can find a similar one to download, if not the same one. Thanks in advanced!
    1 matches comment Thanks so much Alex, your insight led to a really successful flyer sent to the printer at 5. ;) You're the best. -Pete
    1 matches comment I am trying to build a website and was handed a flyer with the requested font. Thanks
    1 matches comment Maverick, Luna Bar & (may be) Atomic Clock Radio.
    1 matches comment can someone tell me what font this is please

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