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    5 matches comment I'm looking for a free race car number font. Sort of like the #18 on Bobby Labontes race car or the #29 on Kevin Harvicks car. Any ideals where I can find one? Any help would much appreciated! [img:f745b4c8f5]http://store.nascar.com/graphics/product_images/p930243reg.jpg[/img:f745b4c8f5] [img:f745b4c8f5]http://www.nascar.com/multimedia/photo_gallery/2003/05/13/bobby_labonte/car_c_atl_18blabonte_tnt.jpg[/img:f745b4c8f5]
    1 matches comment I need to find the font for the 88 car numbers. My brother is making his derbby car look like Dale Earnhardt's car.
    1 matches comment Thanks so much for your help... I see this font used alot on race car numbers and am wondering what it is? Or is it s custom job?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks! Niki
    9 matches comment ? Hi i've been looking for the mexican Jersey numbers font for Germany 2006. Can anybody help me for id it. I've post a link where u can see Rafa Marquez Jersey. I would like o find both, the number a the name font.
    1 matches comment I can't seem to find a font similar to the number 45 on this car? Any ideas? Cheers
    1 matches comment I need to know the font for the numbers on the car speedo. Its made by VDO gauges in Germany in the 60's - No its not DIN, but similar. Thanks in advance, Beaner
    5 matches comment I'd say, buying fonts is fun. I've recently bought a good set of fonts I needed – not really, I'm just a fontaholic and desperate for that retro feeling so I try to sell that kind of atmosphere to my clients – from a foundry which I shall not name in honour to the Italian law against free advertising. Not just downloaded them all in a second but even received a cd for every set with a LOVELY design on each cover, based on the theme, the very atmosphere in which the designer(s) found the inspiration to draw them. Just great. Still, if you're an amateur or a freelance in his/her early years of work it can be frustrating to look at the shiny windows of the fontshops and stick to the free fonts - although some of them are really great. See, I'm a graphic designer and I worked ten years in daily newspapers and publishing houses. Since 2005 I work on my own, caring my clients and looking for new ones. I've recently bought a new, large house in the countryside – I should move there by early December – and haven't got so much money at the moment. I definitely stare, drooling, at the great, great set – oh, fuck the Italian law, we Italians are all outlaws, aren't we? – named «Luxury» from House Industries and – good Lord – I have to wait because 250$ is approximately the price for a cheap wardrobe (closet for the yankees, says my dictionary) I truly need. As I have to wait to buy a car larger than the one I own to drive me along the 60 kilometres that will hide me and my dogs from the large mass of people I'm fleeing from and nontheless I still work with. And none of us would steal a car, right?
    6 matches comment I would like to request for a website where i could find the new Argentina, Germany, France & Portugal team jersey fonts.. or you could give me some.. thanks in advance.. http://www.subsidesports.com/uk/images/product/xlarge/ArgHSSNo18_0708b.jpg http://www.soccershopusa.com/Images_Products/Adidas_GermanyHomeJersey_Ballack_5.jpg http://www.soccershopusa.com/Images_Products/Adidas_MexicoAwayJersey_2008-2009_R.Marquez_1.jpg
    2 matches comment ? 1974 Pontiac Laurentian car emblem on font fender above the crome stripe I need the font for this
    4 matches comment These numbers are used on the NFL team Baltimore Ravens.

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    Circle Numbers MF
    Diamond Numbers MF
    Living By Numbers
    Sport Numbers
    Square Numbers MF
    Numbers Collection Value Pack
    Shelf Numbers JNL
    Baileys Car
    Turing Car NF
    Bailey's Car Baileys Car
    Bullet Numbers Copperplate Neg
    Bullet Numbers Copperplate Pos
    Bullet Numbers My Script Neg
    Bullet Numbers My Script Pos
    Bullet Numbers Sans Neg
    Bullet Numbers Sans Pos
    Numbers Style One-Circle Negative
    Numbers Style One-Circle Positive
    Numbers Style One-Diamond Negative
    Numbers Style One-Diamond Positive
    Numbers Style One-Square Negative
    Numbers Style One-Square Positive
    Numbers Style Three-Circle Negative
    Numbers Style Three-Circle Positive
    Numbers Style Three-Diamond Negative
    Numbers Style Three-Diamond Positive
    Numbers Style Three-Square Negative
    Numbers Style Three-Square Positive
    Numbers Style Two-Circle Negative
    Numbers Style Two-Circle Positive
    Numbers Style Two-Diamond Negative
    Numbers Style Two-Diamond Positive
    Numbers Style Two-Square Negative
    Numbers Style Two-Square Positive
    Turing Car NF Bold
    Bullet Numbers Bodoni Cond Neg
    Bullet Numbers Bodoni Cond Pos
    Liteweit Numbers
    Ursula Handschrift By Letters&Numbers
    Numbers Style One
    Numbers Style Three
    Numbers Style Two
    Sport Numbers Regular
    Interceptor Regular
    Interceptor Italic
    Interceptor Nitro
    Bullet Numbers 8cuts complete
    Interceptor Nitro Italic
    Caard Large Numbers
    Factory Lining Numbers
    FF Dingbats 2.0 Numbers
    Bulltoad Car
    Liteweit™ Numbers
    Interceptor Complete Family Pack
    FTY Konkrete Race CAS
    Haulage Commercial Bold
    Label Gun Numbers
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    Key Bold Lining Numbers
    Key Light Lining Numbers
    Key Medium Lining Numbers
    Living by Numbers Regular
    Haulage Commercial Striped Italic
    Circle Numbers Regular
    Diamond Numbers Regular
    Square Numbers Regular
    Gran Turismo Extended
    Gran Turismo Italic
    Gran Turismo Outline
    Gran Turismo Regular
    Gran Turismo Shaded
    Gran Turismo Volume
    Haulage Commercial Striped
    FTY Konkrete Race Chiseled Bold
    FTY Konkrete Race Chiseled Normal
    FTY Konkrete Race DTP Normal
    Gran Turismo Extended Italic
    Gran Turismo Extended Volume
    Haulage Commercial Bold Italic
    Label Gun™ Numbers Oblique
    Haulage Commercial Complete Family Pack
    Label Gun Numbers Oblique
    Gran Turismo Complete Family Pack
    Jude Black Lining Numbers Italic
    Jude Bold Lining Numbers Italic
    Jude Light Lining Numbers Italic
    Jude Medium Lining Numbers Italic
    Bulltoad Car
    Numbers Complete Family Pack
    FTY Konkrete Race Chiseled Bold Italic
    FTY Konkrete Race Chiseled Normal Italic

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