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    2 matches comment Hello, Does anyone know of a font that uses tools like hammers, screwdrivers, sockets, ect to represent letters? Any help would be greatly appereciated.
    1 matches comment Okay, thanks. This is getting a little off-topic, but how much work is involved with modifying a font to do something like this; and are there decent tools that are free/cheap that can be used to do that? I don't necessarily want to become a font developer by trade but rather develop the tools to let me play elsewhere. I've done a little reading on TrueType fonts and it looks it could be fun to mess around with, although perhaps a bit tedious for those not doing it often. I suspect the right font editing program would make all the difference.
    1 matches comment A key fonction must be available: I pick some letters, it can show them in diffrent typeface on one screen at the same time (attention :the same time) i know the Advanced Font Viewer has such fonction, but it only accept installed fonts and the letter size can not be adjusted which is very unsuitable for complex CJK fonts. I tried many font tools but disappointed. Who have good idea?
    1 matches comment looks a little like erasure, maybe you can edit that one using the relevant tools
    1 matches comment And another power down. Here again, as a zip.
    1 matches comment Hi I used LD Scap Tools to create this title ! Hugs Claude http://clofont.free.fr
    2 matches comment please does anyone know what font used here? MANY THANKS for the help.. :')
    1 matches comment Font creator doesn't support TTC format. maybe only those guys who worked in Adobe or Microsoft hve such tools .
    1 matches comment Excellent power of deduction, Watson. ;^D
    1 matches comment Aargh, people. You play with bigger ammo. I'm just using brain, memory and some sorting-tools of the online »foundrysources«. No wonder you are faster.

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