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    3 matches comment view details for free font #7630 bling, jewllery, diamonds in the letters
    2 matches comment It is more like the Eurostile Extended 2 bold cut, manually slanted. But you are right, tthere are still differing details, but, honestly, they are made in a few moments by modifying the glyphs.
    1 matches comment Hi, this is no font, just a paper cut. See the different shapes of the letters. Just build the letters at your own and have a loo at paper cut typefaces as a starting point: Shears by sugargliderz: http://www.sugargliderz.com/fonts/shears.php Coffeehouse: http://www.abstractfonts.com/font/5558 Icicle County 2 by Ray Larabie: http://www.abstractfonts.com/font/10790 Bye bye
    2 matches comment ? Many designers are using this font on Ebay. When you type a sentence each word comes up as a different font and uses different sizes and colors automatically. It almost looks like a cut and paste ransom note - really cute! Anyone know what this is or where I can get it? Much thanks! :)
    1 matches comment view details for free font #2769
    1 matches comment Looks like Impact with the bottom cut off.
    1 matches comment Hi, I have a Plotter Canon W6200 and I load often type of paper: photographic paper, common paper, adhesive paper.. But every time I load a new roll, it cut a piece. I see instructions but don't show the way to avoid it. Is there a way to avoid automatic cut at loading? Thanks __________________ Original gift ideas for every occasion! (idee regalo for italian language).
    1 matches comment does anyone know the name of a font thats like random letters cut from a magazine?
    1 matches comment view details for free font #13537 Very regal, certainly reminds me of a stone-cut style.

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    Potato Cut
    POTATOcut EF Regular
    Lino Cut LET
    Rough Cut NF
    NEW Cut Out
    Clean Cut-Caps
    Copy Cut-Bold
    Copy Cut-Italic
    Copy Cut-Regular
    Sibley Potato Au Gratin
    Sibley Potato Baked
    Sibley Potato Fried
    Sibley Potato Mashed
    Clean Cut Kid
    Cut Sans Serif
    CC Clean Cut Kid
    Sibley Potato Salad Mayo
    Sibley Potato Salad Mustard
    Clean Cut Kid Italic
    Cut Paper Stencil JNL
    Cut Sans Serif Bold
    Cut Sans Serif Boldoblique
    Cut Sans Serif Oblique
    Cut Sans Serif Outline
    AZ Cut Script
    Cut Sans Serif Outline Oblique
    FB Wood Cut Regular
    Patchwork Cut
    Patchwork Cut
    Mono EF Cut
    Sonic Cut Thru Heavy
    Sonic Cut Thru Heavy
    Patchwork™ Cut
    Ciseaux Matisse Cut Out
    Detective Maurice Cut
    West Cut In
    EF Mono Cut
    Clean Cut Regular
    Ciseaux Matisse Cut Out Linear
    West Cut In Italic
    P22 Zebra Line Cut
    Ferro Stencil AI-Metal Cut
    LTC Hadriano Stone Cut
    LTC Hadriano Stone Cut SC
    P22 Zebra-Line Cut
    Ferro Stencil EF Metal Cut
    Ferro Stencil AI-Metal Cut Neg
    LTC Hadriano Stone Cut SC
    EF Ferro Stencil Metal Cut
    EF Ferro Stencil Metal Cut Negative
    LTC Hadriano Stone Cut Regular
    Futuramano 16 Cut Volume
    Ferro Stencil EF Metal Cut Negative
    Lino Cut™
    DF Pommes Dauphine UH
    DF Pommes Frites
    DF Pommes Sixpack
    DF Pommes Alumettes
    DF Pommes Dauphine
    DF Pommes Frites Italic
    DF Pommes Alumettes Italic
    Chevalier™ Initials (D)
    Chevalier™ Stripes SC (D)
    Chevalier™ Open SC (D)
    Chevalier Volume
    Chevalier™ Stripes DisCaps (D)
    Chevalier™ Open DisCaps (D)
    Chisel (D)
    Goudy Handtooled™ SC (D)
    Chisel Initials (D)
    Neuerland Medium
    DF Tapa conserva
    Altemus Rough Cuts Regular
    DF Tapa fresca
    Goudy Handtooled™ (D)
    URW Bodoni Old Fashion Bold
    URW Bodoni Old Fashion Volume
    Cutthroat-Intl Complete Family Pack
    DF Mercat Regular
    Chisel Volume
    DF Tapa conserva italic
    DF Tapa fresca italic
    Goudy Handtooled™ DisCaps (D)
    Goudy Handtooled™ Initials (D)
    Hoosker Don't Regular
    URW Bodoni Old Fashion Bold Italic
    California Sans Regular
    Hoosker Doo Regular
    Cutthroat Complete Family Pack
    Fiddleshticks Family
    Moore003 BoldItalic
    Moore003 Cameo
    Moore003 Regular
    Moore003 Volume
    California Sans Regular Italic
    Angular Regular
    CA Blitzkrieg Pop Light
    CA Blitzkrieg Pop Regular
    Hoosker Doo & Hoosker Don't Volume

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