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    18 matches comment Hi, I'm a newbie here, but I've been dabbling in typography and font design on my own for a few years now. I have discovered a style of ornamental capital which I'm eager to find as a font. I'm not sure if it is really a font, though. It might just be fancy customised lettering. I found these capitals in a book called "Angels: An Endangered Species". I was actually more impressed by these capitals than by the content of the book. I just stumbled on this site, and there seem to be more than a few folks here who really know their fonts :) Okay, a little more detail on this: I've searched through the text, and these ornate caps are reserved for chapter openings (as they should be), so there are few of them. I was only able to spot these 4 letters (some are used more than once at various places). Any ideas on this one? The engraved look of the detail makes me think that it's probably custom lettering, but with font design as intricate as it is these days, I figured even for a book that's been around since 1990, that there might be such a font. Oh, and one more thing: the typesetting of the text was done by someone in Florence, italy by the name of Simonetta Castelli. I know, it's a long shot, but I can't find anything but pages in Italian on her (hmm ... wonder why?? ;) Thanks in advance for helping! David
    15 matches comment I am looking for a font w/ people, preferably kids, making letters either w/ their whole bodies or like "YMCA." I swear I've seen that type of logo, but does it exist as a font? FYI, this is for a community coalition that serves kids.
    5 matches comment Greetings, font maniacs! I wonder if there ANY font types which has some (or all) of the accented letters? Such as: í,é,á,ö,ü,ű,ó,Á,?,?,Ű,? etc. tc. If not, is there any way to make accented letters in an existing font type? Please answer!
    1 matches comment I know this isn't an actual font, this was designed specifically for the team, but I'm just looking for something as close as possible. Specifically, I'm looking for something with the triangular, pointed serifs on the letters and the serifs extending from the middle of the "X"
    4 matches comment Hi Joanne, Ive had a quick look around and havent seen anything that is similar to 'Algerian'. Looks like if you need it you will have to buy it (OUCH!). Heron2001:- Well up on the moral high ground! As I read it, Joanne did not ask for a free copy of 'Algerian' but asked for a "free font similar to Algerian" Didnt appear to me to be wanting and or asking to steal it. Also as she correctly pointed out there are many requests posted on this site that are similar and do not receive the same reaction. Bit harsh dont you think? Maybe an apologie might be nice. Regards Gary
    2 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #15523 This font is free for personal use and can be used commercially with a donation. The font contains many additional characters including Greek and Cyrillic letters. Also comes in an "alternate" version with a different lowercase letter "a," that may be more identifiable among other letters/ easier to differentiate from other letters. I hope you like it.
    2 matches comment uploaded image Hi everybody: The font I´ve used for this image is called "Will Robinson" (I guess so). I like it very much, but it has a little problem. It has only capital letters (A,B,C,D,...but no a,b,c,d...). I would like to ask you if you know a font, similar to this one, which contains all the letters (capitals and smalls). Your help will be very helpful.As always, thanks.
    1 matches comment Yep. Otherwise I would not have pointed at the one on dafont, would I?
    1 matches comment hello :-) Im new here but i can identify fonts... do you have more of this one, like letters to show me? Numbers are not enough for me to recognize, im good only in letters mostly, sorry... post letters if you can ;) *fingers crossed* someone wil find it!
    1 matches comment Is there a font with horns on letters (lets say da e.t.c)and forked tails on the other letters!?(y s you know the curly letters :D)

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    English 157 Turkish Regular

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