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    2 matches comment You're a font genius! Just blumin downloaded, installed and uninstalled Corel Draw yesterday - doh! :) Will take a look, thanks!
    1 matches comment uploaded image Sorry.....forgot to upload doh!
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    2 matches comment Nah, would god play the same hand twice?
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    1 matches comment Plaza, ehhh? I can definitely play with the look of the letters to get it to match. I will check it out...Thanks!!!
    1 matches comment Could be fun to play with . . . even initial letters. Anyone know it's name?
    1 matches comment Andrew!!!! Play a little with the individual letter distance (kerning), stretch it a bit and you are as close as you will ever be.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #4356 Play a little with foreground and background color and you've got a tiger on the loose. Nice claws with Impact!
    1 matches comment Well, ahem, can you please give me a quick summary which magical powers moderators have? I am a little afraid to play around and ruin your design ... ;-)

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