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    4 matches comment check out pixel-bitmap category. im sure one of the 120+ will be close enough...
    1 matches comment Way too small for these old eyes Looks like you are going for a PIXEL font - if you have young enough eyes to see your sample - then check here Commercial: http://www.myfonts.com/search?search%5Btext%5D=pixel Shareware/Charityware, etc. http://www.abstractfonts.com/category/29/Pixel-Bitmap
    1 matches comment If you're not too keen on this EXACT typeface, I think you can find lots of similars in Pixel Fonts section here: http://www.abstractfonts.com/category/29/Pixel-Bitmap
    1 matches comment I'm preety sure, it's a pixel font (also called bitmap font or screenfont) Try the freeware "bit 3" from www.jamesfont.com, it isn't exact the same, but near. Alternatively you should search the pixel/bitmap section here at abstractfonts.com : http://www.abstractfonts.com/fonts/?d=Pixel%2FBitmap&p=1 :) U.
    2 matches comment That's the category Pixel-Bitmap.
    1 matches comment Hey Peeps, I was wondering if you could help me out identifying this pixel font I found on a site I was roaming.
    1 matches comment Usually all ttf, OTF or afp/pbm are vectors. Only the Pixel-Bitmaps with the .fon extension are not. (But I?m a cow in technical questions, maybe the afficionadas can help you with a more profound answer).
    2 matches comment Sorry, I am nt good at these *.fon-files. Have you tried searching the Bitmap/Pixel-Categories here or even here?
    1 matches comment that font can be anything! at that size, without anti-aliasing it is hard-to-impossible to tell. check out the Pixel / Bitmap category and download whole bunch. Experiment and i am sure you will come up with a good one. Pixel / Bitmap
    1 matches comment Have you tried the Pixel-Bitmap category here? http://www.abstractfonts.com/category/29/Pixel-Bitmap

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    Pixel-Bitmap .

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    Antipixel external . Matt McInerney external . Neale Davidson external .

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    Fette Pixel
    Pixel MF Bold
    Pixel MF Medium
    Pixel Narrow MF
    FR73 Pixel D
    Pixel Zoo
    Generation Pixel
    Pixel Dust Black
    Pixel Dust Bold
    Pixel Dust Caps
    Pixel Dust Regular
    Diphtong Pixel Bold
    Diphtong Pixel Oblique
    Diphtong Pixel Regular
    Pixel Dust Caps Black
    Pixel Dust Caps Bold
    Eclectic Pixel Web AE
    Pixel Gantry AOE
    Diphtong Pixel Bold Oblique
    Lomo™ Web Pixel 4
    Lomo™ Web Pixel 5
    Lomo™ Web Pixel 6
    Lomo™ Web Pixel 7
    Lomo™ Web Pixel 9
    Lomo™ Wall Pixel 0
    Lomo™ Wall Pixel 50
    Pixel Gantry AOE Bold
    Pixel Gantry AOE Heavy
    Pixel Gantry AOE Italic
    Pixel Gantry Hilite AOE
    FR73 Pixel Regular
    3D Techno Pixel
    Panoptica Pixel
    Lomo™ Wall Pixel 100
    Pixel Gantry AOE Bold Italic
    Pixel Gantry AOE Heavy Italic
    Pixel Gantry Hilite AOE Italic
    Generation Pixel A
    Slavica Pixel
    Pixel Regular
    3D Techno Pixel
    More Modern Pixel
    Fette Pixel Regular
    Pixel Bold
    Pixel Medium
    Pixel Narrow
    Pixel Volume
    LECO 1976 Pixel
    Slavica Pixel
    Kampen Pixel
    Kampen Pixel Box
    Pixel_Block Bold
    Pixel_Block Condensed
    Pixel_Block Regular
    PT-Bossa Regular
    PT-Diapos Regular
    PT-Dodge Regular
    PT-Ellus Regular
    PT-Factus Regular
    PT-Forum Regular
    PT-Master Regular
    PT-Mathis Volume
    PT-Neuquen Regular
    PT-Trippy Regular
    PT-Waterland Regular
    PT-Bellefield Regular
    Pixel_8 Bold
    Pixel_8 Mini
    PT-Atlantis Regular
    PT-Cabernet Regular
    PT-Dodge Text
    PT-Lounge Light
    PT-Lucy Regular
    PT-Unicraze Regular
    Hexil Pixel2
    Pixel_8 Bold Caps_OSF
    Pixel_8 Caps OSF
    Pixel_8 Mini Square
    Gridlocker One
    Gridlocker Two
    Digital™ Regular
    3D Techno Front
    3D Techno Package
    3D Techno Shadow
    3D Techno Vector
    Panoptica Italic
    Panoptica Regular
    Panoptica Volume
    Cusp Bevel
    Cusp De Stijl
    Cusp Globular
    Cusp Loose
    Cusp Rounder
    Geodot™ Regular
    Panoptica Doesburg
    Panoptica Egyptian

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