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    11 matches comment Can anyone tell me where I can download this "BEARS" font?
    3 matches comment Trying to download a font but having trouble. Followed the You Tube Video but the website is different... there is no way to save as a TFF. Any ideas??
    10 matches comment Hello, Does anyone know where can I find this kind of fonts for free download? It looks like some kind of English Script, but double lined. Thank you in advance :))
    11 matches comment You can not and should not. Helvetica Neue is a commercial font.
    7 matches comment There used to be a way to download a zip file of several hundred fonts at once. I've searched the site and can't seem to locate any such capability anymore. I'm having to start over from scratch on a new computer and wondered if there's any easy way to download a bunch of fonts at once...or do I have to do it one at a time? ~natalie
    5 matches comment Hi there, I tried the link to download my bookmarked fonts, but this just keeps taking me to the login page. Am I doing something wrong? Cheers, Roger
    1 matches comment I really need the font that appears in this image: [img:dbf85942f4]http://www.start.no/gfx/start_hoved.gif[/img:dbf85942f4] I always see that font in streets and I wonder how can I get this font, oh mine! To help you, I'm gonna put a really rare font to download, it's a pixelated font called MINI7 (thankz unme!) Thankz in advance ppl! PS: alex, the moderator, you should allow attachments of *.tff files!
    4 matches comment right-click the mouse ( if you dont have one of those one-buttoned mice ) and choose "Download to disk" if you get a download.is file rename it to whatever.zip and unstuff... then go on as usual with installing the fonts... let me know if that works out for you.
    1 matches comment view details for free font #11204 i would of loved to use this font, but everytime i tried my computer would shut down even after a reboot just to view the tff it would ... the font looks great but just cant use it
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