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    1 matches comment Me parece que el logo esta formado por una letra de la familia penguin o peignot modificada y la palabra restaurant parece ser goudy old style I think the logo is formed by a family font Peignot or penguin amended and the word restaurant seems to be Goudy Old Style
    1 matches comment Roughwork or Draughtwork by Scriptorium P22 Durer Caps by IHOF Hands on Albrecht by URW Graf or Old Constructed Caps or Rodgauer by Manfred Klein Leonardo by No Image Fonts Walrod by Penguin Productions
    1 matches comment I've been seeing this font everywhere.. and I love it. I saw this book and it ended up coming home with me, just because I liked the font used for the title. (That means I'm a dork, now doesn't it?) I then later found it in a book about Chakra energy and on the back of my friend's Linux penguin (Tux) Leonardo Da Vinci T-shirt. However, I only have an image of the book, so that'll have to do. It looks handwritten, but I soon realized it wasn't because I saw it in so many different places and the letters are basically the same, though on the cover some appear to be tweaked a bit, i.e. the L, but the Ns are identical.. but the i's aren't. Gee, this is a terrible example, now that I look at it.. there may as well be two different fonts there, or maybe it is handwritten and I'm just going insane. I'm dissapointed that this is the best example I could find, but I do love the font, if it is a font, and I wish I knew what it was called. If it isn't a font and it is somehow handwritten it would be very odd, but I love the style so if there are any similar-looking ones you could suggest I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance and thanks for just listening to me ramble on in the first place..

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