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    8 matches comment The capital "C" in the middle name needs to be corrected to a capital "K" on a 1912 high school diploma. I can't identify what the font is. Does anyone know? Thanks.
    10 matches comment Hello, Does anyone know where can I find this kind of fonts for free download? It looks like some kind of English Script, but double lined. Thank you in advance :))
    6 matches comment Olde English condensed to 2/3.
    3 matches comment Hi, already tried looking for this on the web.. But found nothin at all. Can anyone help me?
    1 matches comment Hi, it's a kind of 19th textura (Old English) but it's modernised. See "Same Old English" by JNL: http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/jnlevine/same-old-english/ This font is a little bit similar. The letter "a" in the example looks handmodified. It's might be a logotype based on a modernised Old English/Engravers Old English/Wedding Text. Bye bye
    1 matches comment hey...I need to find a certain font. I desperately want this font. it's my favorite font ever! well, besides old english/diploma...but that's besides the point....it's at www.distillanation.com it's on the cover of the new Distillers album, Coral Fang..can anyone help me out? thanks bunches!
    2 matches comment Juicy Couture is plain Old English I usually don't respond to such badly formed requests. If you want font recognition, please - post images. Respect the others. Thank you
    4 matches comment Hi guys. I found this font on a website several days ago as it is for a tattoo I'm about to get. The problem is, the font it's listed as brings up no search engine results bearing anything that resembles this whatsoever. It looks like a combination of Beowulf, Olde English, and Elvish script. I've attempted to contact the poster with no avail. Can someone help me? Ideally I just need an alphabet so my tattoo artist can sketch up the quote I'm getting. It's from Shakespeare, so it needs some justice. I'm crossing my fingers here. A week of sleepless nights trying to track this down has proven futile.
    4 matches comment Alex, Let's just say you are now being invaded by the English side of Dafont!
    2 matches comment ? Hi I am after a font that i can download and use that writes english but looks like Hindi/indian. Prefer a free one if poss look forward to response Jimbo1980

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    Linotype® Game Pi English Cards
    English Script Complete Family Pack
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