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    2 matches comment uploaded image Hi, Geometric 231 is Kabel (Rudolf Koch). Kabel is the german word for cable. http://www.identifont.com/list?2+Kabel+1+O3+329+1ZA+239+N33+56+272+0+6F6+0+N1Y+0+N5C+0 ITC-Kabel has a much bigger x-height. For further informations see the link and try: http://moorstation.org/Koch_Memorial/index.htm Its german, but just look at the pictures ... But the shown typeface is neither rounded nor any kind of Kabel or other 1920 german grotesk (gothic) typeface. But the typeface is very close to helvetica with a little bit of other influenzen (Barmeno and/or Kabel?). But its not close to Arial, see the angle of cutting the letters. (sorry for may bad english) Bye Bye
    3 matches comment Svante, why do you link to your own site, selling items with the swastika symbol?
    1 matches comment German Underground is similar. http://www.dafont.com/german-underground.font?text=SIECA
    3 matches comment You didn't really google, right? With the search term "calligraph421 BT" the first in the list is a german site which provides this font as a ttf-download. I don't know if that's legal, as I don't know this typeface and I bet it has a bigger brother, considering the BT at the end. But I haven't found a commercial-reference for this font yet.
    1 matches comment It is a custom work (link in german only) from Ole Schäfer (primetype) for the german designagency fünfwerken. If you are an authorised partner you’ll get it at primetype.
    2 matches comment Got it! Yes! I got it: I understood what you are trying to say. It took me some seconds, I confess, but I got it. Or, in German, I Gott it. (now some Koenig should jump into the discussion, and swallow the cockroach)
    2 matches comment I also found this font in an old German book. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
    2 matches comment Wow, what had happened to "I appreciate the help"? KKat, you get $ 20.000 a year for observing the AF-site? Cool! And you date young chicks? Haven't realised it until now ... Dear KKat, you know what the name MATT means in german? harharhar ... it has to do something with sexual inadequacy. ;^D
    1 matches comment view details for free font #688 German Writing, NICE!!! Bring more in.
    3 matches comment Hi koeiekat! Because Brazil is a modern country. But thank you, you're reaaly intelligent. I'm impressed to see it's a German font. Hi propaganda, You confounded Brasilia and Brazil. Brasilia is a capital city of Brazil, was estabilished in 1960 by the ex-president Juscelino Kubtischek, before few years of the Military Dictatorship of 1964. Thank you for sharing me the site. I enjoyed the site Stormtype. The font "Teuton Unicase" (it doesn't exist, but only showed in the photo at this site) called me much attention because I love the unicase fonts. Thank you again for sharing me the free font Saarland. It's nice font! Bye! Gus

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    Rodrigo German external .

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    Hoyts German Cologne
    1543 German Deluxe Normal
    1543 German Deluxe Set
    1543 German Deluxe Initials Normal
    1543 German Deluxe Titling Normal
    High German Regular
    Archive German Text
    Kurrent Kupferstich Regular
    Pheder Frack Set
    Pheder Frack Shadowed
    Pheder Frack Bold
    Pheder Frack Regular
    Pheder Frack Thin
    Systopie Bold
    Systopie Family
    Systopie Italic
    Systopie Regular
    Futuramano® Bold
    Futuramano® Light
    Futuramano® Plain
    Futuramano® Thin
    Brokman Black
    Brokman Bold
    Brokman DemiBold
    Brokman ExtraBold
    Brokman Heavy
    Brokman Italic
    Brokman Medium
    Brokman Regular
    Glasgow Bold
    Glasgow Book
    Glasgow Light
    Glasgow Medium
    Heltar Black
    Heltar Bold
    Heltar DemiBold
    Heltar ExtraBold
    Heltar Heavy
    Heltar Italic
    Heltar Light
    Heltar Medium
    Heltar Regular
    Heltar SemiBold
    Hoxton Bold
    Hoxton Book
    Hoxton DemiBold
    Hoxton ExtraBold
    Hoxton Italic
    Hoxton Light
    Hoxton Medium
    Monem Bold
    Monem Light
    Monem Medium
    Monem Normal
    Monem Roman
    NeoGram Black
    NeoGram Bold
    NeoGram Heavy
    NeoGram Italic
    NeoGram Light
    NeoGram Medium
    NeoGram Regular
    Nurom Bold
    Nurom DemiBold
    Nurom ExtraBold
    Nurom Heavy
    Nurom Italic
    Nurom Light
    Nurom Medium
    Nurom Regular
    Woolworth Bold
    Woolworth Book
    Woolworth DemiBold
    Woolworth ExtraBold
    Woolworth Italic
    Woolworth Light
    Woolworth Medium
    Borda Bold
    Borda DemiBold
    Borda ExtraBold
    Borda Italic
    Borda Light
    Borda Medium
    Borda Regular
    Edito A Italic
    Edito A Regular
    Edito B Italic
    Edito B Regular
    Edito C Italic
    Edito C Regular
    Edito D Italic
    Edito D Regular

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