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    2 matches comment Hi, does anyone know what this font is called? It is used in the A|State rpg Thanks a Bunch Jonas
    2 matches comment can someone please tell me what font is used for california state signs, like freeway signs, and highways signs, please look at the image. i need the font use for "FREEWAY ENTRANCE." dont worry there is no fraud intended, i just have this look im trying to achieve for my website. thank you again, please reply to this thread or you can email me directly at daelementz [at] diverse-minds.com thanx daElementz Edit kk: Changed email address to save daelementz from spambot attacks.
    2 matches comment I love the font at the top of this page where is says "sunconure.com". can anyone please help to identify it. I have done alot of searching and can't seem to find it. I found one similar (of course the name now escapes me!) but it wasn't correct. Thanks for any help you can lend. Have a great week! http://www.sunconure.com/ ~Poicyn (Kim in Ohio)
    3 matches comment Is this a font or a design? Thanks!
    1 matches comment uploaded image Thanks for your help so far. It's not the actual Galactica Font I need. I already have that. It is a different font that is used in the opening intro. It was also used on the Enemy of the State movie poster and is used on all sorts of other shows and movies. Have attached Enemy of the State poster as example. It is this squareish font that I need. Thanks in advance.
    1 matches comment ? Does anyone know what font the "F" on the Cal State Fullerton hats is????
    1 matches comment schwalbenkoenig Thank you for the hint and I will do it now. I am trying to do my research via the internet from home as I try to match the broken china I have collected over the years together. Unfortunately I do not have time to go to the Pottery Museum in East Liverpool, Ohio where some of the remaining KT&K records are located. I was there in the seventies and have communicated with them this year. The museum is understaffed, and their records have only been partially cataloged.
    1 matches comment Is 22 $ too much for the State Bank & Trust? 8-o
    1 matches comment uploaded image I was hoping for someone may have knowledge of the typefaces from that era or may have created a font from that era or point me somewhere so I can continued my search. The other resort which I do not have the time or the money to do is to spend two to three weeks at $35.00 an hour researching the record of the various pottery manufactures that was in East Liverpool, Ohio. Since no one replied to my first posting, I just went for a very general approach on 1880 fonts which should have been typefaces. thank you for your replay to both posting mehow
    1 matches comment click on the picture or the name of the font that you have chosen do you have a problem downlading them? if so please state it....

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