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    11 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #14101 Based on my real handwriting he he
    13 matches comment the font on my pic do you know it's name?
    5 matches comment can anyone help identify this font from a sign manufactured in the 1920's as I need to reproduce this enamel sign for my steam engine. Thanks. sorry about the pic quality ,not helpful i know but of particular note is the decender on the R
    6 matches comment view details for free font #12716 Just made this font of my own handwriting... useful if you ever need a messy scrawl which doesn't follow many of the rules that normal handwriting is supposed to. I did most of the special symbols from the basic unicode thing, although they get progressively messier and less polished... The accented letters (é,á etc) are all okay, though, and all the punctuation is present and correct.
    9 matches comment ! Hello, This font has alluded me. I've found several similiar fonts, but not this exact one. Here's the a link to the image: http://www.postimage.org/image.php?v=Ts1mQjSS Thanks!
    1 matches comment That was likely drawn for the movie. That said, there are several retro and neon sign style fonts out there.
    2 matches comment please help me identify this neon hollow font. it's from the movie "the Firm"
    3 matches comment Hello, Im new, usually I can find what i need, but not this time I need a font in which all the characters vary in heights slightly so it has the effect of looking like a changeable letters sign. [img]http://www.nosher.net/images/2006/2006-03-04CaliforniaHighway101/imgp7634-m.jpg[/img] I could just use the impact font and individually type and move each letter but its a bit of a chore, especially because the sign im trying to make is skewed. Thanks Derek
    6 matches comment i received a letter with this font. anyone know what font it is? any info appreciated!
    4 matches comment I need to know what font the word Vickery's is in

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    ARB 66 Neon Family
    Milwaukee Neon-Neon
    EB Neon
    HT Neon
    Neon Bugler
    XCLV Neon Extended
    Studio Neon
    HT Neon Regular
    Milwaukee Neon-Shadow
    Market Street Neon
    Neon Stream Stream
    ARB 66 Neon Blank JUN-37 DTP Normal
    ARB 66 Neon Inline JUN-37 DTP Bold
    ARB 66 Neon Inline JUN-37 DTP Normal
    ARB 66 Neon Line JUN-37 DTP Normal
    ARB 66 Neon Stance JUN-37 DTP Normal
    ARB 66 Neon Strunked JUN-37 DTP Normal
    Big New Sign
    Hand Sign
    Sign Brush
    ARB 66 Neon Inline JUN-37 DTP Normal Italic
    Neon Derthaw ROB
    ARB 66 Neon Blank JUN-37 CAS Normal
    ARB 66 Neon Inline JUN-37 CAS Bold
    ARB 66 Neon Inline JUN-37 CAS Normal
    ARB 66 Neon Line JUN-37 CAS Normal
    ARB 66 Neon Stance JUN-37 CAS Normal
    ARB 66 Neon Strunked JUN-37 CAS Normal
    Amer Sign Alpha
    ARB 66 Neon Inline JUN-37 CAS Normal Italic
    Sign And Design JNL
    Sign And Poster JNL
    Sign Crafter JNL
    Sign Decal JNL
    Sign Helpers JNL
    Sign Letterer JNL
    Sign Maker JNL
    Sign Man JNL
    Sign Painter JNL
    Sign Panels JNL
    Sign Production JNL
    Sign Shop JNL
    Sign Trade JNL
    Sign Artist JNL-Regular
    Sign Kit JNL-Regular
    Sign Man Oblique JNL
    Sign Shop Bold JNL
    Sign Shop Deco JNL
    Sign Shop Oblique JNL
    Sign Trade Oblique JNL
    Neon Extra Condensed
    Sign Gothic Bold Condensed
    Sign Shop Bold Oblique JNL
    Sign Shop Deco Oblique JNL
    CC Sign Language
    Neonderthaw ROB Neon
    Hand Sign Regular
    Sign Pix Four
    Sign Pix One
    Sign Pix Three
    Sign Pix Two
    Odense™ Neon
    Sign Gothic Condensed Bold
    Sign Pix 1
    Sign Pix 2
    Sign Pix 3
    Sign Pix 4
    CA Viva Las Vegas Day
    CA Viva Las Vegas Night
    CA Viva Las Vegas-Set
    Handsome Volume
    Neon Bugler Regular
    Handsome 2
    Handsome Full Family
    Handsome Classic
    Handsome Rough
    Handsome Thin
    DS American Sign Alphabet
    Handsome Extra Bold
    PizPaz Handwriting
    Sign Pix Complete Family Pack
    Spillsbury Family
    Spillsbury Plain
    Spillsbury Regular
    Spillsbury Shaded
    Spillsbury Shadowed
    Handwriting Absolute
    Sign Maker Value Pack
    Agilo Handwriting
    Agnieszka Handwriting
    Alec Handwriting
    Armand Handwriting
    Bjarne Handwriting
    Brian Handwriting
    Brouet Handwriting
    Carlo Handwriting
    Cathy Handwriting
    Claude Handwriting

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