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    3 matches comment The font used for the buttons is the Manzanita. Note: The thing is known as Manzanita.ttf and Manzanita .ttf (notice the space before .ttf) The version without the space renders badly. It is also known as RSManzanita. All versions are widely available but not [yet] here. Wake up Alex.
    2 matches comment hey i found Space font! it's located here it's $24. But seriously, you just cant ask for something like that if you like AF...
    1 matches comment Beinet condensed is correct. Also for the U. Negative kerning and even further condensed for the logo. Avant Garde is also correct. I think it is the Demi. Also negative kerning and also condensed. No need to do better. Already done.
    1 matches comment Space Invaders Site! From the link above. The top right, Black and White, Space Invaders Logo is the font I'm looking for and need by Thursday of this week. (It's Monday.) Any help greatly appriciated.
    1 matches comment I had the same feeling when I looked at the two s's Ivan. But it looked so familiar that I gave it a try. I think it is hand traced from the Space Toaster ("created by Chank Diesel in 1995 as a custom font for the Cartoon Network's "Space Ghost Coast to Coast" web site". Monotype claims the copyright since 1998) and slightly modified by Mike Hind, Stickfonts, 1998 as Space Up Yer Life. Looks like the Space Toaster was used for the K, the s and y and the Space Up Yer Life for the T. [img]http://koeiekat.com/images/kotsys.png[/img]
    1 matches comment I'm woundering what the names of these fonts are? http://www.space-readyroom.de/images/GraphicsManual2_jpg.jpg they are the font's used in the show, Space: Above and Beyond. Thanks for your help
    1 matches comment uploaded image view details for free font #16195 yay
    1 matches comment I want to make a company logo for myself if I can find it.
    1 matches comment No match. Space up yer life is somewhat similar, as is Brickhouse.
    2 matches comment One option: Buy the company and once you own it tell the communications people that you need a copy of the font. Be prepared for a negative answer: sorry does not exist, there is only the logotype ... Still no font but hopefully you will own a profitable company. If not ... relax, it is just a font ...

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    Space Bold
    Space Mace
    Deep Space MF
    Deep Space MF 3D
    Space Cadet
    Space Cowboy
    Space Toaster
    Space Colony Medium
    Space Colony Regular
    Space Colony SemiBold
    Space Colony UltraLight
    Space Colony Bold
    Space Colony Light
    Deep Space Black
    Deep Space Light
    Deep Space MF Black
    Deep Space MF Bold
    Organic Space Bold
    Organic Space Medium
    Organic Space Normal
    Space Toaster Bold
    Space Cadet
    Space Colony Complete Family Pack
    2010 Outta Space
    Deep Space Big Ball
    Deep Space Meat Ball
    Deep Space Small Ball
    Organic Space Bold Italic
    Organic Space Medium Italic
    Organic Space Normal Italic
    2010 Outta Space Icons
    Square Frame™ Pi Negative
    Gulitov Negative
    Labolg Negative
    Miniblock Negative
    Optica Negative
    Peso Negative
    Phucy Negative
    Tuzonie Negative
    Wages Negative
    Peso Negative
    Space Toaster Regular
    Diamond™ Negative
    American Advertise006 Negative
    Deep Space 3D
    Mas dAzil Negative
    Bubbledot™ Coarse Negative
    Bubbledot™ Fine Negative
    Circle Frame™ Negative
    Oval Frame™ Negative
    D-block A Negative Heavy
    Gf Blackmail Heavy Negative
    Gf Blackmail Light Negative
    Labolg Negative Italic
    Phlex Octo Negative
    Phlex Round Negative
    Phlex Square Negative
    Phlex-Octo Negative
    Phlex-Round Negative
    Phlex-Square Negative
    Processual Xtrusion Negative
    Screwtop Bold Negative
    Screwtop Light Negative
    Skrean Light Negative
    Skrean Regular Negative
    Typo-Negative Distressed
    Wages Light Negative
    Wages Outer Negative
    Deep Space Black
    ALT Breo Negative
    TPG Square Space Bold
    Space Bold
    Phlex Octo Negative
    Phlex Round Negative
    Phlex Square Negative
    Skrean Regular Negative
    Mas d`Azil Cyrillic Negative
    LECO 1983 Negative
    Roman Ornamented Negative
    Stencil Full-Negative
    Athenaeum™ Initial Negative
    Schablone Labelrough Negative
    Gulitov Cyrillic Negative
    Blue Global-Out Of Space
    Chato Band Space
    Geometric Stencil EF Negative
    Roman Ornamented Negative
    Skrean Fine Negative
    Deep Space Bold
    Deep Space Medium
    Numbers Style One-Circle Negative
    Numbers Style One-Diamond Negative
    Numbers Style One-Square Negative
    Numbers Style Three-Circle Negative
    Numbers Style Three-Diamond Negative
    Numbers Style Three-Square Negative
    Numbers Style Two-Circle Negative

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