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    11 matches comment I really like this font, it's got all of the nice features of Myriad, but a little softer (notice the slopes). And it's a nice weight, slightly lighter than a Myriad Black. I tried Identifont, but it came up with ITC Legacy, which is definitely not it :-). Thank you in advance!
    5 matches comment I'm looking for Myriad font that is needed to create the logo. Does anybody know where can I download this font? Thanks a lot
    3 matches comment I am looking for a font similar to Myriad to use on posters and announcements. I unfortunately don't have the funds to purchase a font (I am starting up a small business) and was wondering if anyone could help me find a free font? Thank you!
    3 matches comment Please!!! could someone help me by giving me or sending me the myriad roman normal font. I?ve been searching it on the net and i don?t find it. Please, the Lord will reward your good heart. my mail is ...@---.com ...or reply to this message with my request..that is..the font. Thanks. Edit kk: We do not send commercial fonts here. Not even to Mexico.
    5 matches comment Let’s say Myriad
    3 matches comment Thank you very much uTeS I still nedd the Myriad Condensed, but your help is veri great! Thank you a second time :) If you find a Myriad Condensed Font, please send a e-mail to doomman@arnet.com.ar, also if you find de Minion Family Font :) Thanks LuK
    2 matches comment See Myriad
    1 matches comment Hi, gcorp red: It looks like the myriad bold - but the myriad hasn't an angled cut anywhere. Now, cuts are easily done with Freehand or Photoshop nowadays... hat: It looks like myriad too, but I couldn't track down a thin or light version anywhere. It isn't the Regular. Additionally I've to admit, I hadn't much time for search - I don't have much time alltogether theese days... U. PS: May I wish you a merry Xmas?
    2 matches comment Hello i looking for a font called "Platelet Regular" and "Myriad" I know that is not free..but maybe someone can make me a little gift Pleaseeeeeee it's urgent Thanks Danny
    1 matches comment Myriad.

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    Myriad Pro-It
    Myriad Pro-Black
    Myriad Pro-Black It
    Myriad Pro-Bold
    Myriad Pro-Bold It
    Myriad Pro-Cond
    Myriad Pro-Cond It
    Myriad Pro-Light
    Myriad Pro-Light It
    Myriad Pro-Regular
    Myriad Pro-Semi Cn
    Myriad Pro-Semi Cn It
    Myriad Pro-Semibold
    Myriad Pro-Semibold It
    Myriad Std-Sketch
    Myriad Std-Tilt
    Myriad Pro-Black Cond
    Myriad Pro-Black Cond It
    Myriad Pro-Black Semi Cn
    Myriad Pro-Black Semi Cn It
    Myriad Pro-Bold Cond
    Myriad Pro-Bold Cond It
    Myriad Pro-Bold Semi Cn
    Myriad Pro-Bold Semi Cn It
    Myriad Pro-Light Cond
    Myriad Pro-Light Cond It
    Myriad Pro-Light Semi Cn
    Myriad Pro-Light Semi Cn It
    Myriad Pro-Semi Ext
    Myriad Pro-Semi Ext It
    Myriad Pro-Semibold Cond
    Myriad Pro-Semibold Cond It
    Myriad Pro-Semibold Semi Cn
    Myriad Pro-Semibold Semi Cn It
    Myriad Pro-Black Semi Ext
    Myriad Pro-Black Semi Ext It
    Myriad Pro-Bold Semi Ext
    Myriad Pro-Bold Semi Ext It
    Myriad Pro-Light Semi Ext
    Myriad Pro-Light Semi Ext It
    Myriad Pro-Semibold Semi Ext
    Myriad Pro-Semibold Semi Ext It
    Myriad® Regular
    Myriad Condensed Volume
    Myriad Wild Volume
    Myriad Complete Family Pack
    Myriad® Black
    Myriad® Condensed
    Myriad® Light
    Myriad® Volume
    Myriad® Bold
    Myriad® Italic
    Myriad® SemiBold
    Myriad® Sketch
    Myriad® Tilt
    Myriad® Black Condensed
    Myriad® Black Italic
    Myriad® Bold Condensed
    Myriad® Condensed Italic
    Myriad® Light Condensed
    Myriad® Light Italic
    Myriad® Semi Condensed
    Myriad® Semi Extended
    Myriad® SemiBold Condensed
    Myriad® Bold Italic
    Myriad® SemiBold Italic
    Myriad® Black Condensed Italic
    Myriad® Black Semi Condensed
    Myriad® Black Semi Extended
    Myriad® Bold Condensed Italic
    Myriad® Bold Semi Condensed
    Myriad® Bold Semi Extended
    Myriad® Light Condensed Italic
    Myriad® Light Semi Condensed
    Myriad® Light Semi Extended
    Myriad® Semi Condensed Italic
    Myriad® Semi Condensed Volume
    Myriad® Semi Extended Italic
    Myriad® Semi Extended Volume
    Myriad® SemiBold Condensed Italic
    Myriad® SemiBold Semi Condensed
    Myriad® SemiBold Semi Extended
    Myriad® Black Semi Condensed Italic
    Myriad® Black Semi Extended Italic
    Myriad® Bold Semi Condensed Italic
    Myriad® Bold Semi Extended Italic
    Myriad® Light Semi Condensed Italic
    Myriad® Light Semi Extended Italic
    Myriad® SemiBold Semi Condensed Italic
    Myriad® SemiBold Semi Extended Italic

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