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    1 matches comment i know what you mean... Not always it is good to have 9,700 fonts... ;) im gad i could have helped you thanks for spreading a word :D
    1 matches comment Hey everyone! I need to find some font "similar" to this. Ignore my drawing skills using Paint, please! :D http://img387.imageshack.us/img387/700/fontexample3np.gif Thanks!
    1 matches comment awesome! suggest... i am not recategorizing though. I had 1,200 or so categorized since i was adding them one-by-one. Then i wrote a spider which added another 8,500 fonts ;) However, it is not quite smart enough to categorize them for me too... so if you just browse tha categories you will only have about 1,500 for your disposal. If you go into the letters then you have the complete 9,700 so i still want to hear the categories since there are some 8000 to be categorized ;)
    1 matches comment Other people here on the forum would tell you that I'm far from rude. Extra glyphs - where Laurie talks about extra glyphs? She was explaining that your CHARACTERS (Glyphs) has far too many points. Plus she outlined the ERRORS in pink - intersecting curves, stray points. I have the sense that you first need to learn the basic terms in typeface design... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glyph For example Parachute PF Champion Script Pro http://www.parachute.gr/fonts.aspx?Sample=1&FontStyleID=&FontFamilyID=54&CharacterSetID=74 has 4280 glyphs /font includes 117 ornaments. I don't have it, but I doubt that it exceeds 700 kb. Now how many POINTS there are in your typeface? FontLab counted 6500 points in just one of your characters! I will now stop, because you obviously are taking the things personally and not prefessionaly.

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