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    macsrule-1 magrela-1 magril-1 macscrawl-1 misirlou-8 my name is earl-16 mz curl-16 major lea-31 mm cruella 200-54 my names karli:-68

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    2 matches comment Sign Painter House Upright. Scroll to the bottom to see it.
    1 matches comment @ mellizos Go here: http://www.abstractfonts.com/forum/ and scroll down.
    1 matches comment If you are looking for the MLS font, go to this link http://tinyurl.com/...zunqpu This link will bring you to the results page at Search.com, where I found the font. Click on the result for a web site that has alt. something on the web page title. I can post the site here but the moderators might not approve. When you get to that site, click on the 2010 tab and scroll down to the bottom of the list because the list is date-based and the font was released early 2010. There are many other football fonts on that 2010 tab, just scroll through the list. Edit Mod: URL changed to non existing URL.
    1 matches comment You can get it free from 2 Peas http://twopeasinabucket.kaboose.com/freefonts.asp It's on the page - scroll down.
    1 matches comment Any help appreciated in finding this font.
    1 matches comment Ivan, look here, scroll down.
    1 matches comment The second one is the Ornamac Condensed - scroll down. Available here soon.
    1 matches comment That is Pea Alyssa. Scroll down a bit.
    1 matches comment You are looking at the Catharsis Requiem. Scroll down a bit.
    1 matches comment If you go to www.thesims.com on the top left yopu will see the SIMS Logo and if you scroll down, you will see the regular letters. (The picture was too big) Fontboy!

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