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    1 matches comment Hi, Mister Earl by Jennifer Maestre: http://www.abstractfonts.com/search/?q=Mr+Earl http://www.identifont.com/show?25B Bye bye
    1 matches comment Hi, basic typefaces, well know from 1 to 4: Sample 1: Helvetica Sample 2: Clarendon Sample 3: Cooper Black Outline Sample 4: Zapf Chancery Italic Sample 5 looks very damaged (letter "S" is in a bad shape) ... might be: "Mister Earl BT" (horizontal streched)? But the number "5" fit better to "Cafeteria" ... Bye bye
    1 matches comment Hi you might be able to start out with a Team Spirit http://www.dafont.com/fr/team-spirit.font?nb_ppp=50&classt=alpha&psize=l&text=Pearl for the "earl" the P seems to be designed and inspiered on Candice http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/ef/candice/ef/?s=Pearl&case=default
    1 matches comment As I am a curious Kat I paid you guys a visit and had a look at the fonts you give away. Could not help to notice that the Fiolex Girls/Coronet thingie was not an exception. Here you go: Artist = Impress Atelier = FoxScript Boys = Kids (Corel name) Castle = Mister Earl Compact = Badloc (Corel name = Bedrock) Digital = LCD Fineliner = Tekton Fleur = Uechi Gothic, lower case replaced by Wedding Text Gothic = Mariage Handscript = Freehand 575 BT Imperial = Engravers Roman News = Antique Olive Nord/Inciced 901 Nd BT Noblesse I can not trace (yet). The E and L look like being modified. Is the whole thing slanted? OldScript = Flemish Script Plant = Elzevier Caps wit Times New Roman for the lower case Princess = Murray Hill ((Why that strange E? Half mirrored F, half mirrored L ... and that Z, why kill that beautiful Z?) Roman Outline = Caslon Openface Spotmarker = (based on) Pen Tip Bold Yes. Some have some modifications. But it is indisputable where they come from ... Must I also look at the new Mephisto? Somehow looks familiar ... Oh, yes, few thingies on the site - English: past tense of send is sent.

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