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    1 matches comment B/W no shade, 200 pix high, just the text. What you showed is no good for glyph comparison.
    1 matches comment I second that motion.
    1 matches comment Hi All, Can anyone help me identify this font or something similar. http://www.pixelfrog.com/images/hyline_sticker.jpg I really appreciate the help, Thanks! Pix
    1 matches comment [quote]@celina:... it looks different than Calligraph421 BT. The P looks different. ...[/quote] Interesting. Can you post an image of that p that is different from the calligraphic 421? Preferably 200 dpi and 150 pix high.
    1 matches comment Need some time to get the gray matter in motion, be back.
    1 matches comment hey, i've been assigned the font 'Kis Classico 102' to design a motion graphics piece around but there's no information about it on the internet and i don't know anything about it. does anyone know anything about it? thanks
    1 matches comment this font is from the original coppala/motion picture 1979. its only shown in the opening scene as the title of the movie- THE BLACK STALLION. its arabic or persian. i will try to post the image. do u have the movie, so you can check it out????
    1 matches comment hey, i am looking for these 2 fonts from the games Motorhead and Need For Speed III. i have tried to look for them, and swear i have seen the one from Motorhead somewhere, but just cant find them. please help pix for fonts Motorhead NFS III
    1 matches comment Hello, I'm looking for suggestions regarding a font. I'm looking for something with horizontal lines through the letters, thin, almost techy. The lines can either be random or consistent. I suppost context would help, I'm looking to label an arcade button "heat vision" for the old Superman game. Definitely not looking for flame related fonts, but something modern and clean would be fantastic. I like the idea of the lines indicating motion or lasers.

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