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    15 matches comment Does anyone know this font? It's from the Monster Energy logo. It might be a custom logo, however. But I do believe I've seen this font somewhere... Thanks in advance, Sarsip
    1 matches comment I'm looking for the font used to identify the show Monster Garage on the Discovery Channel. It looks Western or something not sure. Anyone have a clue please let me know. erz
    1 matches comment Can anyone tell me (or send me) where I can get the "Exocet" (Exocist inspired) font for free!?! I had it before but my Windows monster decided to eat it (you know the very same monster that hides folders and also decides to crash the computer every once in a while) Its my most faveourite font, and I want it back, if you would be so kind to help me out on this one, I would be ever so greatful....INDEED!!
    1 matches comment The Smithereens, the much beloved garage band from the 80's used this font on all their early albums. Does anyone know of a digital equivalent?
    1 matches comment It's on the tip of my tongue, but I can't remember the name of the font for "MIKES GARAGE BAND" Thanks for the help!
    1 matches comment By the way, tried to preview your Juicy Hunt on my Dell Studio 1537 with 2.0 Core 2duo Pentium with 4 Gigs of RAM and it choked...100% process utilization. What is that monster you've created? :)
    1 matches comment If you have the answer i am looking for i will be your freind for life i have looked for this font for close to a year now but with no joy. Plesae if you can help this poor old font-a-holic. I was tranformed into the font hunting monster i am today by this font. I must find it. BiG Keep on fonting
    1 matches comment Of course we have a HORROR section here, if you pay close attention. As for commercial ones, the best I know is the Monster Collection from House Industries (http://www.houseind.com/fonts/monsterfonts)
    1 matches comment view details for free font #14101 Well, the better software is actually FontLab - the heavyweight monster of typography. While most of you use FontCreator (which I never used) for its ease of use, the real professional tool is FontLab. Of course, life isn't easy and all of these fancy OpenType features have to be hand-coded even in a sophisticated software like FontLab - and trust me, it's a pain in the ass :) Plus, unfortunately not so many people will be able to actually use the contextual or stylistic alternates - it's not widely supported feature. So far only InDesign and Illustrator support these, so don't expect to write in your favourite MS Word like that :D
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